Eric Richins Obituary

Eric Richins Obituary – Lived to the Fullest and With Few Regrets!

Eric Eugene Richins made his final extravagant and largely unexpected gesture on March 4, 2022, signifying a life, in his own words, “lived to the fullest and with few regrets.”

When Eric Richins was born to Gene and Linda (Carter) Richins on May 13, 1982, in Bountiful, UT, God definitely got it right. Eric’s life focused on his family, his love of hunting, the family cattle ranch, and his crazy drive as a successful business owner.

Eric’s early years were shaped by being born into the Richins family. This led to a career of hard work, dedication, and fierce loyalty. Being the oldest was hard, but he was up to the job. He led his sisters and loved them very much. Eric learned early on how much he liked having horses and cows around.

He helped his dad run the ranch for many hours by moving hay, feeding the animals, and fixing fences. He was a loving son, brother, and uncle who loved his family no matter what.

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Eric loved his family and always tried to be the best father and husband he could be. He was a caring and loving father to his three kids, Carter (9), Ashton (7), and Weston (5), and a devoted husband to Kouri (Darden), the woman he loved and had been married to for nine years. Eric did everything he could to make sure his family had as many chances as possible to learn, grow, and have fun.

Eric was a very good player when he was young, and he loved all sports, whether he was playing them or watching them. He ran cross-country, played basketball, played baseball, and played soccer. He also coached or helped coach all the teams for his boys.

He spent a lot of time guiding the boys and telling them to “play aggressive” and “give it their all!” Eric cared deeply about each and every child he taught and wanted the best for them all.

Carter, Ashton, and Weston, his three amazing kids, his wife Kouri (Darden), his father Eugene F., his sisters Katie (Clint) Benson and Amy (William) Richins, his nieces Madalin and Lillian Benson, and his maternal grandmother Joan Carter are all still alive. He also has many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who loved and cared about him.

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