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Eric Sollenberger Obituary – Funeral and Memorial Services in Virginia

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Sollenberger lived in Glendora, New Jersey, and ded when he was 77 years old. Robert is survived by his children, Isobel and John Sollenberger, as well as his siblings, Roy and Dalia Sollenberger, Ralph and Susan Sollenberger, Bunny Staszak (Ed), Ann Cramer (Todd), and Karl Sollenberger (Tanya).

He also has a grandson named Noah and a lot of cousins and nephews who will miss him. His parents, Samuel Robert Sollenberger and Margaret Gladys Hendricks ded before he was born.

On October 28, 1945, Sollenberger was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The year he was born is 1945. In the United States Army, he did a good job for his country.

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Sollenberger was a great historian and speaker, and he liked to argue with his family and friends about anything and everything. He was the right person to have on your team for trivial pursuits on game night. Everyone will miss him very much.

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Cremation was conducted in private. A tribute service will be planned and announced at a later time. On the Sollenberger memorial wall, condolences can be posted and read by others.

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