Five Teenagers Dead in Westchester County Vehicle Crash

Five Teenagers Dead in Westchester County Vehicle Crash

Five teenagers were killed in a violent collision early on Sunday, 19 March, on the Hutchinson River Parkway, according to Westchester County police. A 9-year-old boy who was a passenger in the Nissan Rogue’s rear hatchback and was the sixth child to survive the collision was transferred to Westchester Medical Center.

According to the authorities, the boy’s injuries are not life-threatening. The five deceased kids, four male and one female were between the ages of 8 and 17. The driver was 16, according to the police.

According to Matt Conway, the public school system superintendent in Derby, Connecticut, where the children allegedly lived, it looked like they were all from the same family. The family had recently relocated from New York to Derby, which Mr. Conway described (as reported by New York Times)

“Connecticut’s smallest city.”

Derby is a former manufacturing town located 10 miles west of New Haven.

Five Teenagers Dead in Westchester County Vehicle Crash
Five Teenagers Dead in Westchester County Vehicle Crash

He claimed to have spoken with the children’s father on Sunday. (as reported by the New York Times)

“They’re dealing with just as unimaginable a tragedy as you could ever think of, to have to bury five of your children all at once.”

The accident happened on the Hutchinson River Parkway between Mamaroneck Road and Mamaroneck Avenue, close to the Scarsdale-White Plains line, as the car traveled north. According to authorities, unknown factors caused the car to deviate off the road, crash into a tree, and catch fire.

The scene of Sunday’s collision was not a well-known accident hotspot, according to the police, even though trucks occasionally crash into a low bridge that spans the Hutchinson River Parkway at Mamaroneck Road.

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Nevertheless, the most hazardous sections of New York’s roads were described in a local news report that year that used state statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The list included the Hutchinson River Parkway, close to Mamaroneck Avenue. The Westchester County police department is anticipated to provide an accident update to the media.

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