Florida Mother Found Dead in Street Near SUV With Sleeping Child

Florida Mother Found Dead in Street Near SUV With Sleeping Child, Family Says She Was Pregnant

Alana Sims, age 22, has been identified by her family as the mother who was discovered dead next to an SUV with her young child sleeping inside a residential street in Tampa, Florida. The 22-year-old mother was five months pregnant and would have been 23 on February 13, according to Sims’ relatives, who spoke to FOX13 Tampa.

A woman’s body was discovered shortly after 10 p.m. on Monday in the Easton Park neighborhood of New Tampa, in the 10700 block of Pictorial Park Drive. When the police arrived, they discovered a Ford EcoSport SUV with a sleeping toddler inside and a dead adult woman next to it.

Sims’ mother told the station that her son, discovered unharmed, was “her everything.” Sims’ mother recalled her daughter as “a lovable soul” and said, “She shouldn’t have to die young.” And everyone should be aware that, you know, you want to keep your loved ones close because you never know, she continued.

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Police reported that the woman had signs of upper body trauma even tho-investigators had led many details about her death. Police have not yet verified who the woman is. Early on Tuesday, homicide detectives were interviewing nearby residents and actively looking into the incident.

A neighbor reported hearing multiple “pop” noises that sounded like gunshots and was captured on an outdoor camera, but the footage did not show what happened to the woman. The Tampa Police Department’s phone number is 813-231-6130, and anyone with information on the event is urged to call them or submit a tip using TIP411, which is available on the TampaPD app.

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In New Tampa, a district in Hillsborough County well-known for its numerous golf courses, including Pebble Creek Golf Club, the Easton Park subdivision is situated close to I-75.


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