Greg Gaffney Obituary

Greg Gaffney Obituary: Delaware State Policeman Dἰed Unexpectedly

Greg Gaffney has ded. He is survived by his sons, Rory and Michael, who live in Calgary; his sister Dawn (Marshall) Cliff, who lives in High River; and his brothers Grant (Stephanie), Andrew (Jessica), and Matthew, who all live in Calgary. His wife Dawn (Marshall) Cliff also resides in High River.

It will be up to all of them to grieve his pssing. His biological mother, Elaine Rath, as well as several nieces and nephews, are among the members of his family who will go on after his pssing. As per Gregg’s instructions, there won’t be any memorial service or funeral given for him.

The Heritage is the ideal location for hosting get-togethers with close friends and family members. Even though Gaffney was aware that he was in the latter stages of his life, he did not share any of his thoughts or feelings with the law enforcement officials or the magistrate who came to see him at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Greg Gaffney Obituary
Greg Gaffney Obituary

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These include selling llegal alcohol and drμgs in addition to disorderly households. Cɼiminals have put an end to their confrontations with the use of a pstol, a boot, and a bludgeon, and in every instance, the investigations carried out by the police have been hampered by a shroud of silence.

The same quiet level is being maintained about the most recent shóóting incdent. A disturbance broke out between a group of women who were engaged in a fight in the middle of a circle created by a large number of males and expensively dressed young women at the Central Police Court.

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Several of the key players in the incdent that took place on Wednesday (21 June) night were present at the Central Police Court on Monday (26 June) when the disturbance took place. They were fighting and shouting at each other while rolling around on the ground and biting each other. It was a shocking sight to see what had transpired.

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