Jordan DeMay Obituary

Jordan DeMay Obituary: A Shining Light in the Darkness!

The parents of a kid who committed sucde are asking others to have “tough” conversations regarding s*xtortion schemes because they believe that open dialogue could help prevent the deaths of other teenagers: Jordan DeMay, a 17-year-old from Marquette, Michigan, committed sucde on March 25, 2022.

After three Nigerian males tricked DeMay into sending a n*de photo of himself online by impersonating a woman, the three men allegedly wanted $1,000 from him when he did. The males responded “good” and “enjoy your miserable life” after DeMay told them he was planning to commit sucide because of their haɼassment.

According to Uppermichiganssource, His mother, Jennifer Buda, told reporters at a press conference with federal law enforcement officials:

“Jordan’s smile could light up any room. Jordan’s charm and beautiful smile were contagious. Drawing people to him wherever he went and leaving a lasting impression on everyone he met.”

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Buda claimed that because of the “senseless act” committed against her son, she “can’t imagine” what was going through his mind that evening.

“When we were informed that Jordan was potentially a victim of an internet scam called s*xtortion via Instagram, there was never a hesitation in our minds to share his story,” Buda said. “We wanted everyone to be aware about sextortion and have those tough conversations with their families so if it did happen to them, they knew to talk to someone.”

Jordan DeMay Obituary
Jordan DeMay Obituary

Totten claims three guys from Lagos, Nigeria, Samuel Ogoshi, 22, Samson Ogoshi, 20, and Ezekiel Ejehem Robert, 19, connected with “hundreds” of victims, including DeMay, while pretending to be a girl. The FBI launched an inquiry after DeMay pssed away, which helped them locate the three guys in Nigeria. For the guys, there is no listed attorney.

“This was a multifaceted investigation that involves identifying dozens of victims following the digital breadcrumbs left behind by the sextortion is on the internet,” Jim Tarasca, the FBI special agent in charge of the Detroit field office, said.

The extradition of the three men to the United States is currently taking place. The FBI defines s*xtortion as a cɼime in which perpetrators assume false identities online, force victims to give nude pictures of themselves and then attempt to collect money from the victims in exchange for a promise not to distribute the pictures.

Do you know that Andrew Mitchell pἀssed away on February 18, 2023? The news of his passing comes to us with a sad heart at this time, and we are sorry to have to share it with you:

The FBI estimates that at least 3,000 victims, mostly boys, have resulted from the over 7,000 allegations of online s*xtortion of minors that law enforcement agencies have received over the past year. The Department of Justice reported that over a dozen s*xtortion victims had committed themselves.

According to ABC News, Federal officials warned that although younger victims, in particular, may feel guilty about their deeds, they are not to blame. S*xtortion instances are increasing, and offenders are trying to take advantage of children worldwide.

“It’s a disturbing trend that we’ve been seeing across the country and that, for that matter internationally, the culprits aren’t just in Nigeria,” he said. “They are like many cyber scams, cyber base scans throughout the world from other countries. Some are right here in the United States. So it is an opportunity for people to make money.”

Americans lost $10.3 billion to online scams in 2022, the most in the previous five years. You may express your condolences and opinions in the comments section. You can add our website to your bookmarks to stay updated with other news, such as obituary announcements.