Julie Garwood Obituary

Julie Garwood Obituary: A Final Tribute to the Beautiful American Author

Julia Elizabeth Garwood, an American author, wrote over 27 romance novels in the suspense and historical subgenres. She has at least 24 New York Times bestsellers, and her books have sold over 35 million copies worldwide.

According to a Facebook post placed on her official account, she pἀssed away at home on June 8, 2023. Have a look at the post below-

Julie Garwood was born Julia Elizabeth Murphy and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the sixth of seven children in a large Irish family. She has five sisters and one brother.

Felicita “Flip” Murphy and Thomas Murphy were her parents. After having a tonsillectomy at age six, she missed a lot of schools and did not learn to read as quickly as other children her age.

The entire summer of that particular year, Sister Elizabeth, a math teacher, taught Garwood how to read and appreciate the books she was reading. Since this teacher significantly impacted Garwood’s life, she honored her daughter Elizabeth.

Garwood, pursuing a nursing degree, opted to double major in nursing and history after completing a Russian history course that piqued her interest in the subject. Garwood was convinced to start writing by an instructor because of the quality of her essays.

Julie Garwood Obituary
Julie Garwood Obituary

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Elizabeth Ashley, Bryan Michael, and Gerald were her three children. The family resided in Leawood, Kansas City. Garwood liked to write, but she had no intention of becoming a paid author.

While still a young wife and mother, she accepted several freelance writing assignments and also wrote longer pieces for fun. Once her youngest child started school, Garwood attended local writer’s conferences, where she quickly found an agency.

Thanks to the agency, her historical novel and children’s book were bestsellers, and the publisher immediately requested more historical romances. Despite being well-known for writing historical romances, Garwood began writing contemporary romantic suspense novels. Her first modern book, Heartbreaker, was serialized in Cosmopolitan and was optioned for a film.

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