Ken Griffey Jr Injuries

How Many Games Did Ken Griffey Jr Miss Due To ἰnjury?

Without question, Mike Trout is one of the most gifted athletes of this age. Trout has frequently been compared to some of the game’s all-time greats due to his extraordinary combination of power, speed, fielding ability, and reliable hitting. The iconic Ken Griffey Jr. comes to mind, perhaps now for the wrong reasons.

Trout, like Griffey, is again on the njured list this season, which is a familiar location for him. Both players have the exceptional quality of being actual five-tool players who can excel in every facet of the game, which is an uncommon distinction.

Because of their outstanding performances on the field, they are frequently regarded as the finest of their respective eras. But as Trout’s career develops, a startling similarity between these two athletes is emerging—a run of njuries that have dogged their careers, leaving many to wonder what might have been.

This article will discuss Ken Griffey Jr’s ἰnjury details…

How Many Games Did Ken Griffey Jr Miss Due To ἰnjury?

Ken Griffey Jr Injuries
Ken Griffey Jr njuries

Trout has suffered a number of serious njuries in the second half of his career if we first look at his job. Trout has endured a string of njuries that have forced him to miss significant amounts of time, starting with tearing the ligament in his left thumb in 2017 and continuing with right wrist inflammation in 2018, back problems in 2021 and 2022, and now fractured hamate bone.

Trout has been out njured for 155 games in all, and counting. But from 2012 to 2016, he never missed more than three games after being brought up from the minors and never went on the njured list. When we consider Griffey’s career, we notice that Trout’s njury history is very comparable to that of Griffey.

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“The Kid” never managed to escape the njury bug, whether it was a fractured wrist, torn labrum, dislocated patella, or a broken hand he sustained one winter at home. Griffey missed a total of 553 games throughout the course of his 22-year career, which included 2,671 games played and 12 trips to the disabled list.

There is a video on YouTube that claims Ken Griffey Jr. broke his wrist while making a legendary catch:

The left-handed batter compiled 2,781 hits, 630 home runs, 13 All-Star appearances, 10 gold gloves, seven silver sluggers, and an AL MVP. Compared to Trout, who is presently in the middle of his 13th season, Griffey had missed 229 games by the time he was 13 years old, or 74 more games.

With 75 games remaining in the current season and his current absence due to njury, Trout could easily make up for it, though. The number of games that Trout and Griffey missed because of uncontrollable reasons should also be considered. Griffey had to endure the 1994 season-long strike, which cost him 68 games.

Trout, on the other hand, had to endure a pandemic-shortened season in 2020 and a temporary lockout prior to the start of last season, which resulted in 108 games lost in all.

How Many Home Run Derbies Did Ken Griffey Jr Win?

With an incredible total of three wins throughout the course of his career, Ken Griffey Jr. currently holds the record for most Home Run Derby triumphs. Since its inception in 1985, when Dave Parker became the first winner, the Home Run Derby has experienced a number of changes.

It is a yearly competition that takes place during the celebrations of Major League Baseball All-Stars. Some of the league’s best sluggers demonstrate their power-hitting skills in the Home Run Derby. In a spectacular demonstration, competitors race to hit as many home runs as they can in the allotted amount of time.

The format has undergone modifications over time to increase the thrill factor and entertainment value for both players and spectators. Participants in the competition often compete against one another in a tournament-style bracket, moving on to the next round based on how many home runs they have hit.

The participant who hits the most home runs in each round proceeds to the championship round, when the winner of the Home Run Derby is determined. The success of Ken Griffey Jr. in the Home Run Derby is evidence of his exceptional power and hitting ability.

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His three triumphs confirm his place among his generation’s most consistent home run hitters. Griffey’s ability to reliably hit balls out of the park enthralled spectators and had a lasting mark on the Home Run Derby’s history.

The Home Run Derby’s primary goal has not changed throughout the years, despite changes to its rules and regulations: to commemorate the breathtaking spectacle of home runs and highlight the extraordinary abilities of the league’s most formidable power hitters.

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