kyrie irving net worth

What is American Professional Basketball Player Kyrie Irving Net Worth?

American professional basketball player Kyrie Andrew Irving (born March 23, 1992) plays for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After being taken with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draught by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he went on to win the rookie of the year award. With the Cavaliers in 2016, he won the NBA title and became a three-time All-NBA selection.

Kyrie Irving Net Worth

Australian-American basketball player Kyrie Irving is worth $90 million. Kyrie Irving was a highly debated first-round pick in the 2011 NBA draught. After being drafted, he stayed with the Cleveland Cavaliers until 2017. Kyrie Irving spent 2017–2019 with the Boston Celtics before signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving has made the NBA All-Star team seven times and won an NBA championship with the Cavaliers in 2016.

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Irving has also amassed a fortune in the hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to his salary and endorsement deals and his Olympic gold medal. Learn more about these profits in the following sections of the essay. In recent years, Kyrie has also become a divisive character. Kyrie had just missed 26 games due to a shoulder injury in the months leading up to January 2020.

kyrie irving net worth
kyrie irving net worth

Since he decided to have shoulder surgery in February 2020, his season was over at that point. He was ready to rejoin the Nets in October 2021, but he couldn’t play there because of New York City’s indoor COVID vaccine rule. Kyrie is well-known for her stance towards vaccinations. From that moment on until the next season, when the requirement was abolished, the team played virtually all of its home games on neutral ground.

Nike said on Friday that it has ended its relationship with Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. The company released a statement that read, “At Nike, we think there is no place for hate speech and oppose antisemitism.” For more about Kyrie you can check Nike Suspends Their Partnership With Kyrie Irving

It was then reported that Kyrie had lost $100 million in pay and other chances because of his anti-vaccination stance. In November of 2022, Kyrie attracted even more criticism after making what many saw as an antisemitic comment on social media.  In early December 2022, roughly a month after the antisemitic controversy first surfaced, Nike stated that it was ending its sponsorship of Irving.

Since 2014, he has been a Nike athlete, and his endorsement contract was set to expire in 2023, at which point he would earn $11 million annually.

Kyrie Irving Endorsements and Earnings

For example, Pepsi and Skullcandy have paid Irving to promote their products. Between the months of June 2017 and June 2018, Kyrie earned $36 million from her salary and sponsorships. He made $43 million from June 2018 to June 2019. Between the months of June 2019 and June 2020, he banked $40 million.

kyrie irving net worth
kyrie irving net worth

Kyrie Irving penned a $94 million, five-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. He joined the Brooklyn Nets on a four-year, $141 million contract in 2019. That comes up to an average annual contract salary of $35 million.

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