Lacitrus Gholston Obituary

Lacitrus Gholston Obituary: He Died Suddenly in Car Accident

On the third season of the television program Love During Lockup, Asonta Gholston made an appearance. He had many highs and lows throughout his life. He was imprisoned for auto theft and robbery, and in February 2023, he was freed.

However, he ran into more legal issues in June of that same year, when he was accused of possessing and selling drugs. On the TV show, Asonta and his girlfriend Raneka developed a unique and heartfelt bond while he was incarcerated.

Through video conversations, they got to know one another, and even though he was incarcerated, their connection grew passionate and strong. In remembrance of the deeply spiritual Lacitrus Gholston, who passed away on September 1, 2023, and whose life will live on in the hearts of all who knew him. Read below all about his obituary details.

Lacitrus Gholston Obituary

On September 2, 2023, Lacitrus Asonta Dubose Gholston passed away. Those who knew Asonta Gholston are still in a state of great shock and grief following his tragic and untimely death. Many people are very devastated by the fact that he died suddenly in a car accident.

Lacitrus Gholston Obituary
Lacitrus Gholston Obituary

Although these assertions have not been verified, there have been rumors that he may have been trying to avoid the police at the time of the crash. It is significant to highlight that the accident’s entire circumstances are still unknown, and an official narrative of the incident has not yet been released.

This weekend is Asonta’s funeral and burial. On Saturday, September 9, from 2 PM to 6 PM, there will be a viewing at the Moss-Stovall-Neal Funeral Home on Alexander Street in Toccoa, Georgia.

WNEG Radio shared a post on Facebook about Lacitrus Gholston’s passing:

On Sunday, September 10, from 3 to 4 PM, Asonta’s funeral ceremony will be held at Toccoa First Baptist Church on Tugalo Street. Asonta will be buried at Toccoa City Cemetery on Cooper Street between 4:45 and 5:45 after the funeral service.

Friends, relatives, and acquaintances are now left wondering what exactly happened before this devastating loss, leaving them with unanswered questions. Many bereaved family members and friends who were affected by his presence are left without a hole in their hearts by his demise. The memory of Lacitrus Asonta Dubose Gholston will always shine brightly in their lives.

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Lacitrus Gholston Cause of Death

Asonta Gholston’s passing shocked and upset a lot of people. He allegedly got into a car accident, and some people speculate that he may have been attempting to flee from the police at the time.

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However, we haven’t received formal confirmation of these facts, and we’re still unsure of the accident’s precise circumstances. For more details about what happened nearby, including death, cause of death, autopsy results, obituaries, and more, follow us on Twitter.