Laurie McHugh Obituary

Laurie McHugh Obituary: Honoring a Life of Contribution and Success

The community of New Hope, Pennsylvania, mourns the untimely passing of Vice President of the New Hope Borough Council Laurie McHugh, a cherished member of the neighborhood. On Monday, August 21, Laurie McHugh, 58, of the New Hope Borough Council, was killed in an automobile accident on Route 413 in Buckingham Township.

The life of Laurie McHugh, her services to her community, and the legacy she leaves behind are all honored in this piece.

Laurie McHugh Obituary

On a fateful day, shortly after 1 p.m., Laurie McHugh’s Audi crashed with a massive tractor-trailer on Durham Road (Route 413) close to Upper Mountain Road. The collision left Laurie’s car with considerable front-end damage and the tractor-trailer with only minor damage.

Laurie McHugh was also transferred to St. Mary Medical Center along with the truck driver, who was treated there before being released. She passed away as a result of her wounds, leaving the neighborhood in shock and grief.

Condolences and Investigations

Laurie McHugh Obituary
Laurie McHugh Obituary

Tuesday morning, Laurie McHugh passed away. The Bucks County Coroner, Meredith Buck, has scheduled an autopsy to establish the specific reason for her terrible demise.

In the wake of this devastating loss, the Buckingham Township Police Department and the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office are meticulously looking into the circumstances leading up to the accident.

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A Life of Achievement and Service

The influence of Laurie McHugh goes far beyond her position as vice president of the New Hope Borough Council. She was not only a passionate businesswoman and community leader, but also a committed public servant.

Because of her innovative thinking and business enthusiasm, Laurie founded and served as CEO of the recently launched Union Chill Cannabis Company in Lambertville, New Jersey. She won the election in November 2015 and was given a seat on the New Hope Borough Council, which she joined in January 2016.

Laurie was the vice president of the council at the time of her sad death, a position that demonstrated the confidence and respect she gained from her peers and people. They posted on Facebook about Laurie:

A Champion of the Community

Laurie McHugh co-founded the Bucks County Dragon Boat Association, a group that has impacted the lives of countless people, in addition to her work in politics and business.

The organization won multiple national titles under her direction, with their most recent triumph being in July 2023 in Sarasota. In addition to fostering a sense of community, Laurie’s commitment to this group brought her widespread acclaim and support.

The loss of Laurie McHugh creates a vacuum inside the New Hope neighborhood and beyond. Her engagement with community organizations like the Bucks County Dragon Boat Association, her commitment to public service, and her entrepreneurial energy are examples of a life well lived.

In addition to gathering to grieve her passing, her friends, family, and community members also commemorate the extraordinary impact she had on their lives and the legacy she left behind.

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