Mario Dumaual Passed Away

How Did Mario Dumaual Pass Away? Cause Of Deἀth Revealed

Mario Dumaual, a seasoned ABS-CBN celebrity reporter, pssed suddenly on Wednesday, July 5, one month after suffering a heart attck that necessitated intensive care. He was 64. He would have turned 65 on July 31.

After the seasoned journalist had a heart attck last month, his son Miguel asked for prayers. A month has pssed since Dumaual first visited the Philippine Heart Center.

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How Did Mario Dumaual Pss Away?

Mario Dumaual has battled a multitude of medical conditions ever since suffering a heart attck at the start of June. According to a fundraising post shared by several celebrities on Tuesday, July 4, he was confined to the critical care unit (ICU), where he received dialysis and continued to be ventilated without the need for invasive equipment.

He was found to have a fungal llness as well. At 8:00 a.m. on July 5, Mario Dumaual pssed away from septic shock. His family announced the awful news to the public via a Facebook post. The message said:

“Mario, who would have turned 65 on July 31, died at 8:01 a.m. on Wednesday, July 5 due to septic shock. He had been battling a severe fungal infection, a complication during his recovery from a heart attck. He was confined for a month at the Philippine Heart Center.”

The Facebook post is shown here:

When Does a Heart Attck Result in Septic Shock? 

Typically, a heart attck is not followed by septic shock. Septic shock, a dangerous and occasionally fatal llness, arises when an infection causes a systemic inflammatory reaction throughout the body. Although it can also be caused by other conditions, bacterial infections are usually to blame.

Mario Dumaual Passed Away
Mario Dumaual Pssed Away

During a heart attck, a blockage in the coronary arteries restricts blood flow to the heart muscle, harming or klling the heart tissue. Some signs of a heart attck or myocardial infarction include chest pain, tiredness, and shortness of breath.

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Despite the fact that a heart attck is a serious medical emergency, septic shock is not necessarily a consequence of a heart attck. Sepsis and, in severe circumstances, septic shock can result from post-heart attack repercussions like an infection in the heart or other tissues.

When a patient is hospitalized, especially if invasive procedures are involved or when their immune systems are weakened, certain infections may arise. The five children of Mario and Cherie Dumaual are left behind: Luigi, Miguel, Maxine, William, and Thessa.

Mario’s pssing caused a huge loss to the entertainment world because he left behind an indelible legacy. He will be sorely missed, and we will be eternally appreciative of all he gave.

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