Mikala Jones Accident

Mikala Jones, Hawaii Surfer Known For Filming Inside Waves, Des In Surfing Accἰdent

Due to the engaging nature of his footage, Mikala Jones rose to prominence in the surfing world. He gave a first-person account of his extraordinary tube-riding skills while they were being performed in the midst of breaking waves.

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Mikala Jones Accdent

Mikala Jones, a surfer from Hawaii famed for capturing breathtaking images and films from inside of enormous, curving waves, pἀssed away following a surfing accἰdent in Indonesia. He was 44.

Jones’ surfboard fin severed his femoral artery early while he was on a trip to the Mentawai Islands off the western coast of Sumatra, according to his father, dentist Dr. John Jones. A sizable blood vessel in the thigh that carries blood to the lower limbs is called the femoral artery. His father said in a phone interview from his Honolulu office:

“He was a humble artist. His pictures were incredible.” 

Beautiful pictures of Jones lying on his board with waves curving around him from above can be seen on his Instagram page. In some photos, the curved wave opening in front of him allows viewers to see a sunset or sunrise.


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Cuts from surfboard fins are common, according to surf photographer Woody Woodworth, who believed Jones took the best overall surf photo he had ever seen. Some surfers feel that keeping their fins sharp will help them ride waves more precisely, but when combined with a wave’s force, a fin may be like an axe or a cleaver, he said.

Jones, who was raised in Kailua, Hawaii, learned to surf when he was around seven or eight years old and started participating in the “Menehune” age division for children under 12 a few years later. As an amateur, he won two national championships.

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like the future, he traveled with sponsors to surf locations like Tahiti, Fiji, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. On the waves, photographers would take pictures of him and other surfers, which appeared in photo spreads in surf magazines. They were portrayed in advertising for surf attire and equipment.

Jones started experimenting with first-person photography while out on the ocean in the 1990s. While lying on his stomach and paddling out to the waves, Jones fastened a camera to a cloth fastener on his board and held the camera under his chin. As soon as he stood, he would grab the camera and hold it behind him while taking shóts.

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After the creation of the small, lightweight cameras, he started using one and soon became sponsored by the brand. For 360-degree views, he stitched together images from many GoPro cameras using the software. One image, in particular, received special acclaim from Woodworth, who described it as “beyond spectacular.”

Jones is pictured in a wave tube with his left arm extended in the photograph, which was used as the cover image for The Surfer’s Journal. The wave’s wall resembles a glass mirror and reflects Jones as well as the light streaming into the barrel.

Woodworth said:

“It’s 10 points on the surfing and 10 points on the photography technically and 10 points on the concept, This is like, hands down, the Olympic-winner-of-all-time photograph.”

Jones had an out-of-body experience after nearly drowning, so he was aware of the risks associated with surfing. His father said:

“He was flying in the sky, and he looked down and his body was floating in the ocean, And then he heard his daughters calling to him ‘Daddy come home.’ And then he went back down into his body.”

He washed in by the waves and awoke on the reef. According to Dr. Martin Schreiber, a professor of surgery and trauma medical director at Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine, the femoral artery is the main blood vessel that supplies the leg and a person can bleed to deth very fast if it is cut.

A tourniquet cannot be tied to halt the bleeding since the common femoral artery is located in the groin, he explained. He claimed that only exerting a lot of pressure would be effective. The senior Jones claimed that he had made attempts to convince his four children to surf while wearing wetsuits, helmets, and other safety gear.

If a surfer’s fin is overly sharp, it is frequently advised that they use sandpaper to round the edges, he said. Make a note of countycurrent.com in your bookmarks and check back frequently to see if any new information has been added. You are welcome to forward this article to anybody you believe would be interested in reading it.