Crawford County Adolescent Athlete Has Heart Problem

Crawford County Adolescent Athlete Has Heart Problem

Wisconsin’s PRAIRIE DU CHIEN (WMTV) – Tyler Harris, a high school athlete, can still compete despite having an irregular heartbeat for a long.

Tyler was a freshman basketball player for Prairie Du Chien High School in 2020. He felt dizzy, weak, and lightheaded when they played in the season’s final playoff game. To preserve Tyler’s health, the coach removed him from the competition.

At the time, Tyler Harris’ father, Ben Harris, a licensed nurse who works for UW Health’s medical flight team, served as the team’s coach. Ben noticed Tyler’s medical issues and benched him since he believed they were heart-related. The squad dropped the contest, ending the 2020 campaign.

Crawford County Adolescent Athlete Has Heart Problem
                                 Crawford County Adolescent Athlete Has Heart Problem

Ben added,

“I just trusted my gut, knew something was wrong and I knew he was more important than a basketball game.”

The Harris family brought Tyler to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome with an irregular heartbeat (POTS). Low blood pressure is caused by heart disease and may be due to several factors. Ben speculated that it could be that Tyler’s body expanded more quickly than his blood vessels and arteries.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, one in three Americans suffers from POTS. Tyler was able to return to his beloved sport with the help of proper hydration and medicine, and he now runs both track and cross country. Now he is a junior.

Tyler appreciates his parents’ serious response to his symptoms and hopes others follow suit, particularly during American Heart Month.

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