la county blizzard

Officials have Issued a Rare Blizzard Warning for the Los Angeles Region: Weather Reports for California

Southern California is typically recognized for its pleasant climate, but the region is currently being hit by blizzards and winter weather. The National Weather Service predicts snow and subfreezing temperatures across much of the state during the next few days, issuing advisories from the Bay Area near San Francisco to the northern border.

This week, the National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings for over 20 million Americans and winter weather advisories for over 35 million across the country, including California. Detailed information about the winter climate of California is provided below.

Blizzard Warnings in the Mountains Over Los Angeles

Residents of the mountains surrounding Los Angeles and Ventura County were warned to only venture out Wednesday morning if absolutely necessary due to the impending arrival of heavy snow and wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour.

la county blizzard
la county blizzard

Blizzard and winter storm warnings were issued until Saturday afternoon, predicting 2–7 feet of snow by Saturday night, with as much as 12 inches at higher elevations. Thursday and Friday showers were forecast for certain locations. Wednesday, the Los Angeles NWS said that it had issued its only other blizzard warning since 1989.

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According to the weather service, light snowfall had begun on the Grapevine mountain pass along Interstate 5, which connects the Los Angeles area with central California. San Bernardino and Riverside counties, located inland from Los Angeles, as well as parts of San Diego county, located further south, were also under winter weather and winter storm advisories.

Freeze Warning in San Francisco Bay Area

Temperatures as low as 20 degrees and wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour were predicted by the NWS for sections of the Bay Area. As of Wednesday night, forecasters said freeze warnings will continue until Thursday morning at 9 a.m. In order to avoid any outdoor pipes from exploding, locals were urged to drain them and bring in any sensitive plants or pets.

Most of Northern California Under Severe Weather Advisories

On Wednesday, many places in northern California, including Eureka, Redding, and Chico, were under winter storm watches or winter weather advisories. The National Weather Service predicted that hail and light to heavy snow would fall across all of northwestern California between Tuesday night and Thursday.

la county blizzard
la county blizzard

Power Outages Across California Amid Strong Winds

PowerOutage.Us reported that on Wednesday morning, as portions of California battled severe winds, about 100,000 people were without electricity. On Tuesday night, Pacific Gas and Electric Company said that it would be preparing for power interruptions due to bad weather by mobilizing workers.

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