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Logan Mann Obituary – Early Departure of a Loving Person!

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Logan Mann, a Virginia resident, had his life tragically cut short. Those who were at the funeral are cordially asked to a reception right after the service in the Austin Room of Grace Funeral Chapel. Both the wake and the burial will take place in the graveyard in Port O’Connor, which is close to where the body of the decesed person was found.

Mason’s parents, Hannah Lynn Harrington and Logan Charles Thomas Mann brought him into the world on December 13, 2018, in the city of Port Lavaca. Mason was born in Texas, in the town of Port Lavaca. Mason started his life in the Texas city of Port Lavaca. Mason’s roots can be found in a place called Port Lavaca in the state of Texas.

Mason’s great-grandfather on his mom’s side was Billy Shotwell, and his great-grandfather on his dad’s mom’s side was Stanley Mann. Mason’s name came from the names of his two grandfathers. Billy Shotwell was the name of Mason’s great-grandfather on his mom’s side. Mason is a tribute to his two distinct grandfathers.

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Mason’s name was picked to honor Mason’s great-grandfather on his mother’s side, whose name was Mason. Mason’s name was given to him in honor of Mason’s great-grandfather on his mother’s side.

Mason’s great-grandfather was also named Mason, so the name is passed down through the family. At this point, both of Mason’s great-grandfathers have safely crossed the river and are now living on the other side. The loss of Mason has been felt by many people, including his parents, Hannah Harrington and Logan Mann.

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Paternal grandparents Eddie and Shawna Tausch and Brian Stanley Mann, paternal great-grandparents Kay Gant, Joyce Mann, Ted and Linda Brown, maternal great-grandparents Dana Stahle and Kristy Heizer, maternal great-grandparents David Harrington and Jeanna Guptill, maternal great-grandparents Esmeralda Stringo and Sandy Gregory and many other loving families.

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