Pima County Will Soon Deter Panhandling

Pima County Will Soon Have Signs Up in Order to Deter Panhandling

This week, the Pima County Board of Supervisors is putting their words into action by placing signage throughout the county to discourage panhandling.

According to the reports, 32 additional signs will be placed in highly trafficked medians as part of this new plan. The idea is that doing so will deter people from congregating in the medians and inspire others to help the homeless in a less dangerous setting.

Pima County Will Soon Deter Panhandling
Pima County Will Soon Deter Panhandling

Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott said,

“In terms of not wanting a human presence on those medians. There’s a concern for their safety, but also for motorists and pedestrians.”

According to Scott, it’s unsafe for drivers and pedestrians when people congregate in the road medians. He is hoping the signs will serve as a deterrent. Scott added,

“They’re going to be posted in areas not only where we have had reports of panhandling on the medians, but also where they likely want to be.” Scott added.

Scott clarified that the intention is not to prevent individuals from donating to those in need but rather to encourage them to find a less dangerous location.

“I think the expectation is that we are not trying to portray homelessness in and of itself as a crime. We’re not trying to detour people who may want to reach out to those in our community who need a helping a hand.”

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