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A Retirement Announcement Was Made By The Register Of Deeds For Craven County

The Honorable Sherri B. Richard, who has served as the Register of Deeds for Craven County for many years, has announced her retirement, starting July 1. With her retirement just a few days short of 17 years as Register of Deeds, Richard will have served the people of Craven County for nearly 22 years.

After the Honorable Becky Thompson’s retirement in 2006, the Craven County Democratic Executive Committee chose Richard to serve out the remaining four years of her term. Since then, Richard has run for office four times and is currently serving her fourth term.

During her time working in the Register of Deeds Office, Richard says she has witnessed many developments, including the introduction of electronic recording of papers. She says that with the help of the Craven County Board of County Commissioners, she was able to convert paper documents from as far back as 1739 into a digital format that can be searched via the internet.

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“My work as the Craven County Register of Deeds has always been more than a job to me, it’s been a passion. I am honored to have served, not just the citizens of Craven County, but people all over the world who have business with the Register of Deeds Office,”

said Richard.

“I will truly miss the many good people with whom I have worked, both through my office, and through NCARD (the North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds).”

At the 2015 NCARD Annual Conference in Concord, Richard was honored with the NCARD Shining Star Award for

“Loyal Dedication, Commitment and Service to County, District, and Association.”

The procedure for filling a vacancy in the Register of Deeds Office is outlined in North Carolina General Statute 161-5. For the 2020 election, the Craven County Democratic Executive Committee endorsed Richard.

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