The Man Who Killed Meredith Kercher is Let Out of Prison in Italy

The Man Who K!lled Meredith Kercher is “Out of Prison” in Italy

After serving 13 years of a 16-year sentence, Rudy Guede, the sole person convicted of the mu*rder of British student Meredith Kercher, was released from prison. Due to Guede’s excellent behavior, a judge in Viterbo, Italy, agreed to shorten further his sentence, which was initially scheduled to expire on January 4—by an extra 45 days.

Francesco Maresca, the lawyer representing the Kercher family, said that while it was normal for sentences to be reduced, maybe a “moral reflection” was warranted over whether (as reported by The Guardian)

“such a low sentence could be sufficient for a murder of this kind.”

Guede’s sentence was reduced on appeal from 30 to 16 years in jail in 2008 following a quick trial. Maresca told La Stampa (According to Cosmopolitan)

“It will be another aspect I need to explain to Meredith’s family. Each time, beyond the legitimacy, it further renews their unspeakable suffering.”

In November 2007, Kercher, a student from Coulsdon, Surrey, was m*urdered in her residence in the Italian university town of Perugia. Her body was discovered in her bedroom, partially n*ude, and stabbed numerous times. She had also suffered from s*exual assault.

Two other suspects, American student Amanda Knox and her former Italian lover Raffaele Sollecito, who lived in Kercher’s home, had their convictions overturned.

The Man Who Killed Meredith Kercher is Let Out of Prison in Italy
The Man Who Killed Meredith Kercher is Let Out of Prison in Italy

Even though his DNA was discovered on Kercher’s body and in her bedroom, Guede has consistently denied k!lling her. Guede’s lawyer, Fabrizio Ballarini, told the Italian press (According to I News)

“My first thoughts go to Meredith Kercher’s family who faced this painful affair.”

To finish his master’s degree in sociology, he was first given day parole from Viterbo Prison in 2017. In December of that same year, social services were responsible for seeing that he served the remainder of his sentence by performing community service.

Guede has been working in the criminology center’s library in the afternoons and helping in the mornings for the Catholic organization Caritas. Claudo Mariani, who teaches at the criminology center, told Ansa that Guede “now just wants to be forgotten.”

Mariani said b (as reported by PressReader)

“There is nothing more to add to this story apart from the fact that the life of a young English girl was cut short and, from her family, we are able to learn the great dignity and value of silence.”

Following their initial conviction for killing, Kercher, Knox, and Sollecito were sentenced to four years in jail. In 2011, they were found not guilty; however, an appeals court in Florence later found them guilty after concluding that Guede could not have committed the crimes alone in light of the numerous wounds on Kercher’s body.

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Due to what it called “shocking faults” in the investigation that resulted in Knox and Sollecito’s convictions, Italy’s top court invalidated the judgment in 2015. Responding to Guede’s release, Sollecito told the news agency Adnkronos (According to The Guardian)

“Amanda and I risked conviction for something we didn’t do because of his lies. I’m just sorry that he has never regretted what he did, killing that poor girl.”

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