Washington and Benton County braces for strong winds

Stormy Winds are Expected to Hit Washington and Benton Counties Today

Trees that are quite tall and electricity cables that are very lengthy. It’s predicted that high gusts will blow through later tonight, and both of these are at risk. Washington County Judge Patrick Deakins said,“We are monitoring it and we will be monitoring it all night,” 

It’s smart to prepare for a power outage in case one occurs. “The storm is going to go through while a lot of people are sleeping,” Melody Kwok, the director of communications for Benton County, said.  they said.

“People need to make secondary plans if they will be without power for a little while. Of course, one of the things there is medical devices without power you need to make backup arrangements for that,” Deakins said.

Call the authorities if you come across any downed tree limbs or other debris blocking roads.

Washington and Benton County braces for strong winds
Washington and Benton County braces for strong winds

“Any time the roads are impeded, we understand that is an inconvenience to individuals but mostly what we are worried about is getting fire, EMS get through those roadways, so it’s our top priority to get those issues cleaned up as quickly as we can,” Deakins said.

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But, the scenario with downed electrical lines is very different.

“You should never touch a power line whether you know if it’s off or not if it’s fallen off the ground, its best to call 911 because it’s not safe to go anywhere near a power line,” Kwok said.

“Call authorities immediately, do not try to drive over it or move it yourself that needs to be handled by an emergency response person,” Deakins advises.

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