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Paul Woseen Cause of Death: the Screaming Jets Passed Away at Age 56

Paul Woseen Cause of Death

Paul Woseen Cause of Death

A significant figure in Australian rock music was Paul Woseen. He was an accomplished bassist and songwriter. He was born in 1967 and has always had a passion for music. He was a founding member of The Screaming Jets, a well-known rock group.

For their upbeat and catchy music, the band rose to fame in the 1990s. The bass guitar skills of Paul Woseen gave the songs of the band a unique beat. He contributed to several popular tunes that are still loved today. Along with his singing, he was adored for his friendliness and enthusiasm.

He will always be remembered for the happiness he offered to others via his music. Sadly, bassist Paul Woseen of The Screaming Jets passed away at age 56. His death’s precise cause is unknown. Please see the complete article provided below for your reference.

Paul Woseen Cause of Death and Obituary

Paul Woseen Cause of Death

According to reports, The Screaming Jets’ bassist and co-founder Paul Woseen went suddenly at the age of 56. His death’s precise cause has not been made known to the public. On September 15, 2023, he tragically departed away unexpectedly at his residence. Due to his skill and love for music, Woseen was a pivotal player in Australian rock music.

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He was a gifted songwriter and bassist who significantly boosted The Screaming Jets’ fame and success. Fans and fellow musicians are mourning the loss of a great icon in the Australian music community as a result of his sudden departure. See the official post below:

Paul Woseen Age

Paul Woseen passed away when he was 56 years old. 1967 marked the year of his birth. He shared his love of music with others throughout his life and rose to fame as a bassist and songwriter. Many people’s hearts were touched by his music, and he will always be remembered for the happiness and talent he offered to the world.

Paul Woseen Career

Paul Woseen had a successful musical career. He was a founder member of The Screaming Jets, a well-known Australian rock group. He contributed songs to the band’s repertoire in addition to playing bass guitar. They collaborated to create catchy, upbeat songs that were well-liked by many.

They rose to fame in the 1990s and entertained crowds with their music at a number of events. The success of the band was greatly influenced by Paul Woseen’s abilities as a bassist and songwriter, and his career will always be cherished in the music industry.

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