Peter Good Obituary

Peter Good Obituary: A Well Known Logo Designer for the Hartford Whalers Has Dἰed!

Peter Good has ded. Today, in Connecticut, it was established beyond a reasonable doubt that graphic artist Peter Good had pssed away. In 1979, Good was the one who came up with what is now considered to be one of the very greatest and most famous logos in the entire history of the universe for the Hartford Whalers.

The logo that Good has been using for a long time has become instantly recognized because it was one of the very first logos ever produced anywhere in the universe. Jack Lardis Associates, an advertising agency that was doing business with the Whalers at the time, designed the Whalers logo for Good to complete as a work-for-hire job.

Good’s work was commissioned by Jack Lardis Associates. The new logo for the Whalers is quite professionally crafted. Good was not a lover of hockey; he had never produced a sports logo before (nor would he ever produce one again), but he created one of the most well-known and treasured designs in the world of sports.

He did this even though he had never designed a sports logo before (nor would he ever design one again). The National Hockey League (NHL) uses this design as its official logo; it is frequently represented as a hockey stick with a puck in the middle of the shaft of the stick.

Peter Good Obituary
Peter Good Obituary

A two thousand dollar payment was made to him. Even after over forty years, I continue to hear from people who say they’ve just had the “Aha!” moment of discovering the covert “H” lying within the logo’s negative space. This keeps happening even though the company has been in business for over a century.

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The investigation that led to this revelation has been going on for decades. A few of these people are people that I have known for the better part of thirty years and have engaged in conversation with me. His family shared the sad news with their friends that he had pssed away, which was a devastating turn of events.

Janet Cummings Good, his wife and business partner, disclosed that for the past two weeks, after having a brain tumor removed, she had been helping her husband through hospice care.

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