Raymond Goh Obituary

Raymond Goh Obituary: Respected TV3 Nightline Presenter Dies at 62

Raymond Goh, whose true name was Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah, was a renowned and well-known figure in the broadcasting and public speaking industries. He was affectionately referred to by his admirers as “the man with the golden voice,” and he left a lasting impression on everyone who had the honor of hearing him speak.

In addition to being a seasoned television newscaster, he was also a skilled master of ceremonies and a committed public speaking instructor, thus his many talents went beyond television.

His participation as a founding member of the Asian chapter of the World Customer Service Rating Board, where he played a crucial role in establishing Customer Service Index Ratings on an international level, was one of his major accomplishments.

Being fluent in both English and Malay helped Raymond to communicate with a wide range of people, further strengthening his image as a charming and adaptable communicator. Raymond also gave English language hosting training.

His eloquence and knowledge had a profound impact on hundreds of people, and his legacy will live on forever. Cause of death and obituary for Raymond Goh: Know that Raymond Goh, a seasoned television newscaster and master of ceremonies, has passed away quietly as a result of a stroke, Learn more about his life and broadcasting and public speaking profession.

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Raymond Goh Obituary

Following a difficult 13-day struggle, Raymond Goh passed away today. He had been hospitalized for a stroke. His valiant struggle against the crippling consequences of the stroke is evidence of his tenacity and resolve.

Raymond Goh Obituary
Raymond Goh Obituary

Despite the greatest efforts of the medical staff, Raymond eventually passed away due to the problems brought on by this health setback. Following the Asar prayers, Raymond Goh’s family has requested that funeral prayers be held in Masjid in-Taqwa in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

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He will afterward be buried at the Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery. The innumerable individuals he touched and inspired over his distinguished career will help to perpetuate his memory as the country mourns the passing of this adored icon in the fields of television and public speaking.

Raymond Goh Cause of Death

It was made known that Raymond Goh, a seasoned television newscaster, master of ceremonies, and public speaking coach, had passed suddenly. The devastating news was conveyed on behalf of their bereaved family, and it shocked the entire country.

Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah, another name for Raymond Goh, had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of individuals all around the nation. As a result of a stroke, Raymond passed away, leaving behind a deep sense of loss and sorrow.

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Many were inspired by his unwavering bravery in the face of this health issue. The people whose lives Raymond Goh touched will always remember his excellence and impact, even as the nation mourns the passing of this legendary figure in television and public speaking.

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