Roger Whittaker Obituary

Roger Whittaker Obituary: Durham Town Folk Singer Dies at 87

Born March 22, 1936, Kenyan singer-songwriter and musician Roger Whittaker died September 13, 2023. Despite being born in Nairobi, Kenya, his parents were of English descent. Roger was renowned for his distinctive amalgamation of folk and popular music, alongside his proficient vocalization, melodious whistling, and adept guitar prowess.

Read Roger Whittaker’s heartfelt obituary to learn more about his life and legacy and to find out how the passing of this celebrated songwriter has impacted the neighborhood.

Roger Whittaker Obituary

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Roger Whittaker Cause of Death

Roger Whittaker Obituary
Roger Whittaker Obituary

According to Deadline, Regrettably, Roger Whittaker, a renowned folk singer celebrated for his musical compositions such as “Durham Town” and his exceptional proficiency in whistling, succumbed to mortality at the age of 87. In France, the person had a stroke on September 13, 2023. Whittaker moved to the UK in 1959 from Nairobi, Kenya.

He initially pursued zoology and marine biology studies, but his love of music eventually led him to folk clubs, where he started his musical career. When he released “Durham Town” in 1969, he made his big break and became a star.

Whittaker’s legacy includes the sale of more than 50 million records worldwide and his early exposure to the music of East Africa. Many people’s hearts were affected by his music, leaving an enduring mark on the folk music community.

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What Happened to Folk Singer Roger Whittaker? 

Roger Whittaker, a folk singer, died at the age of 87. His exceptional whistling and songs like “Durham Town” made him well known. On September 13, 2023, he suffered a stroke at his home in France and passed away as a result. TVARK Tweeted about Roger Whittaker’s death:

He left Nairobi, Kenya, where he was born, moving to Britain in 1959. Roger pursued a variety of academic interests, such as zoology and marine biology, but his passion for music inspired him to play in folk clubs. His “Durham Town” album, released in 1969, was his big break.

He had a deep love for both music and learning. After his songs reached the top of the charts, he decided to pursue music instead of his initial goal of becoming a teacher or a doctor. Whittaker’s remarkable rise from academic to musical legend has had a profound effect on his fans all over the world.

Roger Whittaker Career

Roger Whittaker had a remarkable and multifaceted career in music. Early in the 1960s, he began studying zoology, biochemistry, and marine biology while performing in nearby clubs in the UK. In 1962, he released his first professional single, “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” and in 1966, he changed to the Columbia label of EMI, where he started using the name Roger Whittaker.

His first UK Top 20 hit, “Durham Town (The Leavin’),” helped him gain popularity in 1969. With songs like “New World in the Morning” and his breakthrough single “The Last Farewell,” which sold over 11 million copies globally in 1975, he kept winning over audiences.

Whittaker, who initially lacked fluency in the language, also dabbled in country music with “I Love You Because” and achieved success in Germany with songs in the country’s native tongue. In Germany, where he had 25 albums released, he amassed a devoted following.

He cut back on his live appearances in his later years but kept writing music, showcasing his unwavering talent and passion for the music business. Follow us on Twitter for the latest local news, including deaths, autopsy reports, obituaries, and more.