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Ronnie Coleman Opens Up On His Health Struggles

Unquestionably, one of the most illustrious bodybuilding figures of all time is Ronnie Coleman. His legacy is unrivaled because he won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title eight years in a row. The path had never been simple, though. He had to deal with his poor health, have surgeries, and endure tremendous pain throughout his bodybuilding career.

The King, who recently shared a video about his health issues, speaks openly about the origin of his njury and the treatment he underwent to help him feel better. For further information, please read the entire article…

Ronnie Coleman Opens Up On His Health Struggles

He discusses stem cell therapy in more detail and describes how his blood testing was recently completed. Every four months, he receives therapy injections from Mexico. Talking about his treatment, Coleman says:

“Everything has been working out pretty good for me lately.” 

Explaining how the process helped him, he revealed:

“Everything now is perfect. My cholesterol is the best it’s ever been. My kidneys were off really bad.”

He notes that his liver is somewhat higher while discussing his recuperation. He has to take vitamins and supplements, which are primarily to blame. But overall, he is doing wonderfully and feels good. The procedure has been chosen by several members of the bodybuilding world besides Coleman.

Ronnie Coleman Health
Ronnie Coleman Health

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Flex Lewis, a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, and Chris Bumstead, the current champion in the Classic Physique category, had received the procedure before him. But what brought about Coleman’s wounds? Let’s investigate…

Coleman’s njuries Had a Different Root Cause

As it turned out, Coleman suffered a severe njury playing football during his sophomore year for the first time. Contrary to popular opinion, his back problems began even before he entered the bodybuilding world. But his frequent weightlifting sessions made his condition worse.

Because of these wounds, Coleman had to see a chiropractor almost daily in college. Even though he had several health problems when he started bodybuilding, weight training was beneficial because it strengthened his back.

He underwent 13 surgeries due to health difficulties and made a sluggish recovery. And now that he’s receiving stem cell treatment, Coleman’s admirers can unquestionably rejoice that their beloved is progressively regaining his strength.

Where is The King Now?

Ronnie Coleman is unable to walk without assistance, yet he still engages in some exercise. Coleman is still at the gym, but for the time being he is staying away from heavier weights. The bodybuilder is busy running his gear and supplement company, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, outside of the gym.

Additionally, Coleman has a YouTube account where he posts podcasts and exercise videos for his followers to watch and take notes from. His unwavering energy is a true encouragement to everyone, not just young bodybuilders.

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