Rosalynn Carter Obituary

Rosalynn Carter Obituary: In Fond Remembrance of American Author

We regret to inform you of the passing of Rosalynn Carter, the American writer, activist, first lady of the United States from 1977 to 1981, humanitarian, supporter of mental health treatment, and longtime political advisor to her late husband, former President Jimmy Carter.

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When Did Rosalynn Carter Die?

Just two days after receiving hospice care at the couple’s Plains, Georgia, home, 96-year-old Rosalynn Carter passed away on November 19, 2023. According to the Carter Center, she died quietly with her loved ones by her side. See the Tweet for more details:

The Carter Center has announced that on Wednesday, Nov. 29, there will be a service for Rosalynn. You can find additional Rosalynn Carter updates below.

A Look at the Early Years of Remarkable “First Lady”

On August 18, 1927, Rosalynn Smith was born in Plains, Georgia. Of the four children, she was the eldest. Her parents were Frances Alethea “Allie” Murray Smith, a teacher, dressmaker, and postal worker, and Wilburn Edgar Smith, an auto mechanic, bus driver, and farmer.

Rosalynn had a sister named Lillian Allethea (Smith) Wall and two brothers, Murray Lee Smith and William Jerrold “Jerry” Smith. Rosalynn’s family experienced financial hardship, but she was unaware of it since many families in her neighborhood shared similar difficulties.

Rosalynn Carter Obituary
Rosalynn Carter Obituary

Rosalynn played with boys because her street was devoid of girls her age. She aspired to be an architect and had a keen interest in both structures and aircraft. Rosalynn’s childhood ended when her father died of leukemia when she was thirteen years old.

She assisted her mother in raising her younger siblings after his passing and made ends meet by working in the family’s dressmaking company. Rosalynn said that her mother instilled in her the values of independence and following through on tasks.

Rosalynn put a lot of effort into her high school studies despite her poor situation because her father wanted her to attend college. She was Plains High School’s second-highest graduating class member. She attended Georgia Southwestern College after high school, where she earned her degree in 1946.

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How Did Rosalynn Carter Support Her Husband?

She gained recognition for her years of community service advocating for women’s rights and mental health. She was born and raised in Plains, Georgia, and excelled in high school, graduating first in her class. She then enrolled at Georgia Southwestern College, where she eventually graduated in 1946.

She had always been fond of her husband, particularly after seeing an image of him wearing his uniform from the United States Naval Academy. In 1946, they tied the knot. She supported her husband when he was elected governor of Georgia in 1970, and she put mental health as her top priority as first lady of the state.

She backed her husband’s 1976 presidential campaign, which he won over Gerald Ford, the incumbent. She was involved in politics while her husband was president, but she didn’t want to be your average first lady.

She represented her spouse in discussions with foreign leaders and attended meetings to keep them informed. She continued to advocate for mental health and other vital causes even after they departed the White House in 1981.

In addition to writing books, she and her spouse supported “Habitat for Humanity,” a nonprofit. She was the first woman to have the longest marriage and the second-longest life expectancy among first ladies. She won the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1999, as did her spouse.

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