Shelly Widder Obituary

Shelly Widder Obituary: Fanwood, NJ, GoFundMe Opened For The Family

Shelly Widder, PMO Director at Apex Global Solutions, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, and we are devastated by the news. On Thursday, September 7, 2023, Shelly, a local of Fanwood, New Jersey, passed away.

There is no known cause of death at this moment, and her loved ones are in disbelief and mourning. Shelly Widder was a remarkable person in addition to being a brilliant businesswoman. All who knew her felt the impact of her warmth, compassion, and kindness.

Her departure has created a gaping hole that will be difficult to fill. Shelly was an excellent parent in addition to being a successful professional. Her husband of many years, Chuck Widder, passed away only four months ago. Charles (now 22), Hayden (now 20), Colin (17), and Claire (15) are their four children.

As they experienced the highs and lows of parenthood together, their lives became increasingly linked. Shelly received her MIS degree from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2001.

At various points in her career, she served as a Senior Infrastructure PM at Two Sigma, a Senior Program Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and as the PMO Director at Apex Global Solutions. Her professional success spoke volumes about her hard work and ability.

Shelly, above all else, was a caring and supportive mom. She exemplified what it is to be a nurturing and supportive mother. Her unending affection for her children gave them a feeling of safety and comfort.

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The virtues of love, generosity, and perseverance were instilled in Shelly’s children by her endless patience and gentle counsel as they faced the hardships of life.

Shelly Widder Obituary
Shelly Widder Obituary

Our hearts will never be the same since Shelly Widder passed away so unexpectedly. To her family, friends, and everyone else she touched, we offer our sincerest sympathies. During this terribly trying time, please know that you have our deepest sympathies.

We shall always hold Shelly’s memory as a shining example of kindness and compassion. Read below all about Shelly Widder’s Obituary.

Shelly Widder Obituary

The death of Shelly Widder came as a shock to everyone. He died under mysterious circumstances that have not been made public as of this writing. Please give the family the time they need to grieve together and finish making funeral arrangements.

With a grateful heart, Sandy Magluilo has started a GoFundMe campaign to support the Widder children with their financial struggles. Our hearts are broken for you, and no amount of words can explain how sorry we are. We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of such a talented individual.

Our prayers are with you at this time of sorrow; please accept our sympathies. Please accept our deepest sympathies. Sending your sympathies and prayers to the family and friends of the deceased will mean a great deal to them at this time.

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