Silidog Net Worth 2022 What Happened To Silidog After Shark Tank

Silidog Net Worth 2022: What Happened To Silidog After Shark Tank

A startup called SlideDog creates distinctive dog tags. All tags are silicone, which is waterproof, never fading, and soundproof. Additionally, they come in various vivid hues, from bright pink to deep green and dark blue.

Additionally, various colors are available, from vivid pinks to deep greens. Printing it right away will enable everyone to see it on the tag. Silidog’s net worth is estimated to be $8.4 million in 2022. Annual revenue for the company SlideDog was $8.4 million.

Founder of Silidog

Michael Lickstein founded Silidog. He has a beautiful personality and is an actual business guru. He had a lot of business skills before starting the company. Michael landed their first employment as an undergraduate assistant at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida.

Michael had the notion after he adopted a dog left behind by its previous owners. Due to the dog’s frequent scratching of its fleas, its identification tags came into contact. At that point, the notion of a mute dog tag vanished. He raised $11,357 to launch the business on Kickstarter in 2015.

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Michael is curious about a dog he reared as a pet in high school. He was tempted to create ridiculous dog tags when a friend brought him a dog that had been flung from a moving vehicle. The dog, Bentley, was particular. Mr. Lickstein was the ideal man for him. He established the company in his parent’s garage with the assistance of a few friends by hiring employees.

What happened during SiliDog’s Shark Tank pitch?

In Shark Tank Episode 806, Michael Lickstein tries to acquire a shark for the Sly Dog, the next generation of dog tags. Michael requires seed money to expand his production network and connect with significant Chinese pet stores. Last, Lori Greener and Michael Lickstein agreed to a 30% plus $0.50 royalty per unit arrangement during Shark Tank Season 8.

What happened with SiliDog after Shark Tank?

The transaction with Lori was never consummated after the episode aired, and Sly Dog struggled to fulfill orders for the Shark Tank Effect after Michael left the pitch with a deal. Numerous complaints were made as a result.

Fortunately, the issues were more about the delivery time than the quality of the goods, and Michael worked with them to find a solution. The company will continue to do business until January 2022, with yearly sales of around $900,000.

Currently, Silidog’s business is growing.

After its television debut, Silidog garnered success. According to Silidog’s official website, the business is still active, and years after making an appearance on “Shark Tank,” it seems to be doing well. SiliDog was selling 56 different pet tags at the time of publication, each of which cost $22.00.

Customers from the United States receive free shipping and handling on every order. Like when Lickstein started selling his goods, each Silidog tag can still be entirely customized concerning the language and tag colors. Even now, Silidog maintains an active Instagram account where it frequently shares images of happy customers wearing their vibrant tags outdoors.

The SiliCat line of cat-specific pet tags has been added to the brand. According to Shark Tank Recap, the company now generates $8.4 million annually and employs 53 people. According to its official website, the company donates to more than 50 animal-related charities.

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That’s a significant shift from Silidog’s modest beginnings, which, according to the company’s official website, started in Lickstein’s garage. Long-term success for Silidog demonstrates Lick stein’s commitment to his business and shows Greiner has a keen eye for a wise investment.

Social Media Links

Michael Lickstein enjoys posting his photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He frequently updates his admirers on his activities on social media platforms. He is well-known and has a large following on social media. In 2022, Silidog’s net worth was $8.4 Million.

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