Stan Savran Obituary

Stan Savran Obituary: Beloved Pittsburgh Sports Broadcaster Pἀsses Away at 76!

Pittsburgh laments the pssing of Stan Savran, a great sportscaster whose career lasted nearly five decades and became entwined with the sport’s history in the city. WTAE-TV, where Savran worked as a sports anchor in the 1980s, announced his deth.

Although the precise cause of deth was unknown, Savran had recently been vocal about his struggle with lung cἀncer. He lived in the Pittsburgh suburb of Upper St. Clair and ded at 76. Savran, a.k.a. the “Godfather” of Pittsburgh athletics, moved to the city in 1976 and rapidly integrated himself into its sports scene.

He began on radio, moved to television and occasionally wrote newspaper columns. From 1991 through 2009, he co-hosted the renowned nightly program “SportsBeat” on regional television with Guy Junker which became must view for ardent sports fans in the city.

Many callers would start their discussions by saying, “Stan, Guy, enjoy the show” which Savran would remember long after the program had ended. Stan Savran was well-known for his unwavering work ethic, depth of sports knowledge and delivery style which was direct and opinionated.

Stan Savran Obituary
Stan Savran Obituary

He became one of the most respected voices in Pittsburgh’s thriving media environment thanks to his persistent dedication to his career. Savran’s adaptability allowed him to take on various jobs including hosting many radio show episodes and acting as the pre-game host for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasts.

The Pittsburgh Pirates expressed their admiration tweeting, “We loved the show, but more importantly, Stan, we loved you.”

Savran’s involvement with the Pittsburgh Steelers spanned multiple capacities from contributions to their radio network to his role in the Hall of Honor committee.

Steelers President Art Rooney II paid tribute to Savran highlighting his genuine character, unwavering honesty and profound impact on the city and Western Pennsylvania. Savran was an industry rare who delivered his programs without using a teleprompter because of his legendary recall.

His traditional approach and devotion to the trade won him the admiration of both coworkers and admirers. Stan continued to perform at Steelers home games well into his seventies and continued to work on Penguins postgame and intermission events.

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His regular radio show continued until his health started to fail earlier this year. Still, he continued to be a popular guest on other fronts, frequently those presented by people he had coached throughout their careers. Beyond contributing to Pittsburgh’s media scene, Stan Savran left a lasting legacy by becoming a local hero.

Many people in the sports community paid tribute to Savran, with Pittsburgh sports radio personality Mark Madden highlighting his standing as a respected friend and an exceptional person. The business will remember Savran for his relentless commitment to carrying out procedures correctly.

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