Steve Crump Cause of Death

Steve Crump Cause of Death: Beloved WBTV Reporter Dies At 65

On August 31, 2023, WBTV reporter Steve Crump passed suddenly from cancer-related complications. Crump has been battling the illness for five years, according to WBTV. WBTV paid tribute in a formal statement that included the following:

“It is with great sadness that WBTV announces the passing of Steve Crump. Steve was a devoted newsman who spent decades passionately telling the stories of the greater Charlotte community. He was also a cherished colleague, friend and mentor to many, both in the WBTV newsroom and throughout the country.”

At WBTV, Steve’s coworkers expressed sorrow over his passing. Steve sided with Molly Grantham in the following instance, which she discussed:

“When I hung up, he picked up the phone and called that City Councilman — who he knew — and stood up for me, and told him never to treat his teammates like that again.”

News reporter Steve, a close friend of Brigida Mack’s, “fought valiantly” against cancer for the previous five years, according to Brigida’s Facebook page:

Steve Crump Cause of Death

Reporter Steve Crump of WBTV fell away abruptly on August 31, 2023, as a result of complications from his disease. When WBTV formally made the announcement of Steve Crump’s demise through their social media outlets, it created a gloomy atmosphere and signaled the end of an era.

Steve Crump Cause of Death
Steve Crump Cause of Death

The WBTV staff delivers the news with heavy hearts as they express their deep sorrow. Beyond his professional achievements, Steve Crump has left a lasting impression on everyone who had the honor of knowing him.

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WBTV sent a sincere message of sympathy to Steve’s wife Cathy and all of his numerous friends, who are undoubtedly struggling with the loss. The work Steve has done and the lives he has impacted are examples of his character and commitment.

As this chapter comes to a close, those he touched will always treasure the times they spent together and the tales they heard, and his memory and influence will endure. John Carter WBTV posted on his Facebook Page:

Steve Crump was diagnosed with cancer in July 2018

Steve received a colon cancer diagnosis in July of last year. He initially announced on live that he was about to take a leave of absence without providing an explanation. He revealed in 2019 that his colon cancer had progressed to his liver the year before, and a medical professional had advised hospice care.

In a 2019 interview with The Observer, he revealed that he has previously struggled with serious health conditions like MRSA, septic shock, and a collapsed lung. He said that he had to use a feeding tube to eat once while on a ventilator.

He continued by mentioning that he also endured chemotherapy and lost some weight. After experiencing a few problems from his disease, Steve needed to be hospitalized in April of this year. After spending 12 days in the hospital, he eventually went back to work.

In a subsequent interview with WBTV in 2021, Steve disclosed that his treatment had begun in August 2018. The reason he was still alive, he added, was due to his doctors.

Steve Crump Has Been Active on WBTV Since 1984

Steve Crump, who was born in 1957, attended Trinity High School and Eastern Kentucky University to further his studies. He began his career as a DJ before becoming an intern at WSAV-TV. Later, he worked for several TV networks before joining WBTV in 1984.

In the course of his prosperous career, Steve Crump covered numerous events. Additionally, he produced the movie Orangeburg 50 Years Later. His eight-year marriage to Cathy, whom he leaves behind, ended in death.

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