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The New Traffic Light System for Emergency Vehicles in St. Charles County is Nearly Complete

The New Traffic Light System in St. Charles County

The New Traffic Light System in St. Charles County

County officials in St. Charles say they’ve activated their traffic-calming programme at nearly all intersections in the county. More than 300 of the county’s intersections now give emergency vehicles the green light while giving everyone else the red. What You Bought Back in April, you were first informed of this endeavor. The price tag was somewhere around $800,000.

The majority of those funds come from the federal government, with only 20% coming from local taxes. St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann has been pursuing this deal.

“It’s in full operation now. We have every stoplight in St. Charles County, except for seven, that are using this and are operational. The seven we still need to work on are at intersections that are under construction by MoDOT,” he said. “As soon as they finish the construction project, we’ll turn it on there, and then we’ll have the entire county covered by this program.”

According to Ehlmann, this will have a profound impact on ambulances and drivers everywhere.

The New Traffic Light System in St. Charles County

“I think it’s going to improve response time for our police, our ambulance, and our fire, and it’s going to be a lot safer for people who are on the streets in those intersections when those emergency vehicles go through,” he said. “If you’re driving, you’ll have plenty of time to get out of the way, because those lights will change, so those emergency vehicles can come through on a green light.”

Last April, FOX 2 asked leaders in St. Louis City and St. Louis County if they would follow St. Charles County’s lead. Despite the drive by north St. Louis County mayors, the attempt came up short on the St. Louis County Council. Joe Vaccaro, an alderman in St. Louis, fought for measures to make intersections safer down to the last yard.

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The Board of Aldermen initially approved it unanimously, but it has now hit a snag in Mayor Tishaura Jones’ administration due to concerns over funding. Vaccaro, however, is not ready to give up.

“Next week, if there’s an accident, car chase, people are killed this year in car chases, something happens, and ambulance gets hit, all of a sudden it will be front page, and then they will be more anxious,” he said.

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