Tim Greenwood Obituary

Tim Greenwood Obituary: KNX News Traffic Reporters Remembering Him

At the time of his death, famed traffic reporter Timothy Greenwood was 63 years old. The individual’s place of origin was Denver, Colorado, however, a substantial duration of time was spent in Los Angeles, California. He not only covered traffic, but he also produced live TV shows.

He had experience at the New York Film Academy and had made significant career advancements. Furthermore, he has previously engaged in the live telecast of the Independence Day commemoration in Los Angeles, while also having pursued higher education at the University of Northern Colorado located in Greeley.

His jovial and optimistic disposition endeared him to all, and his vocal timbre consistently provided a delightful auditory experience. The contributions Timothy Greenwood made and the joy he brought to many people will live on in their memories.

Read Tim Greenwood’s heartfelt obituary to learn more about his life and legacy and to find out how the passing of this celebrated traffic reporter has impacted the neighborhood.

Tim Greenwood Death and Obituary

Tim Greenwood Obituary
Tim Greenwood Obituary

At the age of 63, Tim Greenwood, a helpful traffic reporter who provided drivers with directions on Southern Californian highways on the weekends, passed away. His unexpected passing from a heart attack has left the television-buying community in profound grief.

Tim was cherished by many people as both a friend and a coworker. In Denver, he and a friend co-founded Sky Merchant, a startup network, more than 40 years ago. He was a popular figure who was renowned for his friendliness and clever jokes.

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Tim also excelled as a TV host and production specialist, garnering praise from HSN and other networks. He always supported his friends, no matter how long they had been apart. All who knew him appreciated his friendliness and warmth.

There is a void left by Tim’s abrupt departure that cannot be filled. In the world of TV shopping, he leaves behind a legacy of generosity, humanity, and success. We will always cherish Tim Greenwood in our hearts. See the video for more details:

Tim Greenwood Career

The well-known traffic reporter Tim Greenwood, who spent weekends assisting Southern Californian drivers, had a remarkable career. In 1991, he began his career as a journalist at Florida’s WTOG-TV. He was a stand-in anchor and weatherman there.

Later, he worked as a producer for the Home Shopping Network. He discovered his calling in 1999 at KNX News, where he rose to the position of traffic reporter. He briefly left KNX News in 2008, but in 2019 he triumphantly returned. People admired Tim’s distinctive style.

Scott Burt, a traffic reporter for KNX News, recalled that Tim always spoke with a smile on his face. He was genuinely delighted with his work. The weekend anchor for KNX News, Elsa Ramon, shared a sentimental memory.

They once played the song “Who Let the Dogs Out” on air before talking about traffic. “Hey, Tim, who let the cars out?” she jokingly questioned. They both started laughing when Tim’s immediate response, “Toot! Toot! Toot!” set them both off.

Tim’s wife, Karen, spoke about how he went above and beyond to assist motorists. In order to familiarize himself with the roads and discover detours, he would use surface streets to travel from Los Angeles to San Bernardino County. He could inform his audience accurately in this way.

Karen also mentioned Tim’s generous character. He ran a website called “Freeway Furniture,” where he offered advice on how to secure items so they wouldn’t end up on the freeway, and he frequently shared traffic tips on Fridays.

What Happened to Tim Greenwood?

At 63, respected traffic reporter Tim Greenwood died on September 18, 2023. He died from a heart attack due to his health issues. Some of Tim Greenwood’s close friends in the journalism industry informed him of his passing.

We are aware that he is no longer with us, but the specifics of his funeral arrangements are not yet known. We are awaiting word from his family on how they will say their final goodbyes. As word of Tim Greenwood’s passing spread, condolences from residents of the area started to pour in.

Many people shared their happy memories and lamented the loss of a beloved person. For years to come, Tim Greenwood’s influence on those in his immediate vicinity will be remembered and honored. The distinguished traffic reporter Tim Greenwood passed away on September 18, 2023, a Monday. Scott Burt Tweeted on Sep 20, 2023:

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