westmoreland county kicks off birthday celebration

The Birthday Bash in Westmoreland County has Officially Begun

A sweet treat was served at the beginning of the birthday celebration for Westmoreland County. On Monday, in honour of the county’s 250th birthday and the fact that it was established in 1773, more than 500 red, white, and blue cupcakes were distributed to courthouse employees.

Workers were met with cupcakes and a rendition of “Happy Birthday”  led by commissioners Sean Kertes and Doug Chew, who announced that Westmoreland County will be celebrating for an entire year. “We are very proud of who we are,” Kertes said.

Chief Clerk Vera Spina explained that the idea for a birthday party was born out of a desire to involve all of the staff members in the festivities. The county is looking for ideas from its staff for a time capsule that will be buried this year in the courthouse’s new courtyard.

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“We really wanted to start this (birthday celebration) out with something for our employees. We really want them to get excited,” Spina said. Officials revamped the courthouse complex’s foyer for the occasion, showcasing the county’s cultural riches with banners hung from the ceiling and landscapes of county locales hung on the walls.

westmoreland county kicks off birthday celebration
westmoreland county kicks off birthday celebration

Historic Hanna’s Town, the first county seat of Westmoreland, will host a meeting of county commissioners in June. This is only one of several events scheduled for 2023. “Westmoreland is one of the first counties in Pennsylvania. The history we have here is wonderful, and we want people to come out and see it,” Chew said.

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