Are Callum and Maddie Still Together Why They Split Up

Are Callum and Madeline Still Together: Why They Split Up?

The fourth season of “Love Island Australia” was the most entertaining reality show ever! Everything to make things interesting was present, including drama, tears, rumors, and gossip. The on-screen relationship between Callum Hole and Madeline Wilcox was one of the most notable ones. Sadly, despite making it to the season finale, they lost the competition.

The audience, however, will remember their voyage since the duo had incredible chemistry. As devoted followers, we know you are eager to learn whether the two are still together or if their relationship fizzled out. So let’s investigate the facts together.

Callum and Madeline’s Love Island Journey

Callum had magnetism from the moment he walked in, and his Welsh accent had all the girls swooning. Being a pool boy at an elite hotel in Brisbane made people more aware of his charisma. He was accustomed to dealing with VIPS, which gave him a buttery smooth speech.

He also worked as a personal trainer for a few consistent clientele, which indicates his dedication to his work. A cheerful and vibrant makeup artist from Melbourne, Madeline, on the other hand, referred to herself as the “queen of situation-ships.” She signed up for the show hoping to find something reliable and lasting.

Are Callum and Madeline  Still together?

No, there isn’t a relationship between Callum and Madeline. On December 21, 2022, Callum spoke with So Dramatic! about how their relationship was progressing following the conclusion of season 4. He hinted they were at least “more than just buddies” when he mentioned he and Madeline weren’t officially dating because they hadn’t been together long enough. The two reality TV stars decided to avoid dating and instead go at an acceptable pace.

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Callum reconnected with Layla John, his on-screen ex-girlfriend, in the real world, away from the relentless scrutiny of the cameras, as the season finale implied. Layla agreed when he said he was open to meeting Madeline, but she presumably didn’t think the connection would last. “I want you to attempt to locate another link and keep going on your adventure,” Layla told me before she went,” he said. I followed through with that.

 Why do They Split up After the Show?

We’re keeping things casual, Callum stated in a different interview. Life is quite busy right now, and things change after you leave the villa, but we still talk and hang out together. The leading cause of their breakup was the distance between them. They both agreed that they weren’t prepared for the difficulties of a long-distance relationship and that it would be better if they ended their relationship.

No, I wouldn’t say we’re together, Madeline answered when asked if their fans knew about their connection. We kept things relatively informal because we appeared on the show, and I suppose we’ll see what transpires, but no. We don’t share. I also think we didn’t talk as frequently as you expected because he resides in Queensland, and I live in Melbourne.

Is There Any Bad Blood Between Them?

She concluded that we both didn’t strive as hard as we could have. However, nothing prevented things from working out. We are now getting along, I believe. Callum and Madeline were keeping their romantic relationships a secret when this was written. We can presume that they have returned to their previous lifestyles before “Love Island Australia” and are working on something that will advance their careers because they haven’t disclosed any information about any new initiatives.

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The fact that they had a strong knowledge of each other’s personalities and objectives allowed fans to rest easy. There was no tension between them despite their decision to part ways. Callum said that he and Madeline were close friends in January 2023 during a Q&A session on his Instagram stories. Then he referred to their relationship as “Pals 4 Lyfe.”

There were no hurt feelings or shattered hearts since they handled the matter like grownups. It’s clear that Callum and Madeline still get along because they still follow one another on Instagram. However, they are both single and focused on improving their lives and jobs.


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