Blount County Train Derailment

Protesters Demand Openness From Walker County Sheriff following Anthony Mitchell’s death

After the death of a county inmate, more than a dozen protesters have called for Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith to resign. Anthony Mitchell’s relatives hold the Walker County Sheriff’s Office accountable for their loved one’s untimely demise. Mitchell was taken into custody a month ago after he allegedly fired at law enforcement.

According to the complaint, he was held in the county jail for about two weeks before he was transferred to a nearby hospital where he later died. Protesters expressed their dissatisfaction with Sheriff Nick Smith’s lack of candor. There have apparently been other incidents of misbehavior within the Walker County Jail, but the death of Anthony Mitchell has finally pushed authorities to take action.

Dillon McIntyre, a friend of Anthony Mitchell’s, said, “We’ve had too many things go on around here.” Too many people have vanished, and too many others have been killed by police. And by the end of the week, everyone will have forgotten about it. A federal complaint had been filed against the walker county sheriff and other jail staff, and Austin Banks and Dillon McIntyre felt compelled to protest on behalf of their deceased comrade.

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Blount County Train Derailment
Blount County Train Derailment

Banks, a friend of Anthony Mitchell’s, commented,

“It made it a little bit more real for me this time instead of just seeing it on TV,”

“and it makes me sad to see when police officers kill someone. But it makes it completely different when you know that person you grew up with that person.”

According to Austin Banks, he tried to meet with Sheriff Smith on Tuesday about Mitchell’s death, but it never materialized.

“That’s what upset me about him canceling all our appointments and specifically telling me that no, he was not going to speak to me about this subject,”

Banks said.

Banks and many others were left with unanswered questions after the meeting was called off.

“One. Why did Nick Smith and TJ Armstrong both say that Mr. Mitchell was alert and conscious on the way to the hospital when the video clearly shows he was not he was lifeless body?”

Banks asked.

“Then, two? How did his body temperature get that low?”

That’s why they want answers from the sheriff’s department.

“How many times can you lie to the people that you’re supposed to protect?”

McIntyre asked.

“That’s an abusive relationship, and it’s been nothing but abuse from that side to this one.”

Blount County Train Derailment
Blount County Train Derailment

Protesters have announced that they would demonstrate outside the jail on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They hope that more individuals will become involved in the effort to bring Mitchell justice.

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