Humza Yousaf Net Worth

Humza Yousaf Net Worth: Exploring the Wealth of Minister of Scotland!

Following Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation as leader of the Scottish National Party, Humza Yousaf is now poised to take over as the country’s first minister. He will govern Scotland as the country’s first Muslim and non-white leader.

Yousaf started his political career in 2005 and won his first election to the parliament in 2011. He has also successfully created an enormous fortune for himself throughout the years. Here is all the information we have on his earnings and net worth.

Humza Yousaf Net Worth

According to numerous estimates, Humza Yousaf has a net worth of about $5 million. His 18-year political career is where he has gotten the most of these profits. In the Scottish Parliament, a Cabinet Secretary makes an average pay of $81,000 annually.

Yousaf held the positions of Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care from 2021 to 2023 and Cabinet Secretary for Justice from 2018 to 2021. He must have received a salary of about $81k per year beginning in 2018.

Humza Yousaf Net Worth
Humza Yousaf Net Worth

The politician’s first-generation Pakistani immigrants parents gave birth to him in Glasgow in 1985. While his father was an accountant, his grandfather worked in a sewing machine factory. Yousaf studied politics at the University of Glasgow before joining the Scottish National Party (SNP) in 2005.

Political Career

Yousaf began his political career in 2006 by being involved in student government and holding the position of president of the Glasgow University Student Representative Council. Afterward, he served the SNP in various roles, including as the party’s youth wing leader and a parliamentary assistant.

Yousaf was chosen to represent Glasgow in the Scottish Parliament in 2011. He was named minister of external affairs and international development the following year, becoming the Scottish Government’s youngest minister in history at 27.

The leader served in the Scottish Government as the Minister for Justice and Transport and the Islands. He initiated many novel initiatives in these capacities, such as the Free Bus Travel for Under 19s program, which allowed young people to ride local buses for free.

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Yousaf was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Justice in 2018 and was responsible for overseeing the implementation of significant changes to the Scottish court system. He received praise for managing the Covid epidemic and was appointed the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services two years later.

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