layne norton divorce

Layne Norton Divorce: Did He Cheat on His Wife?

For Layne Norton’s ex-wife, Isabel, who suffered severely from the divorce, it was a susceptible subject. The professional bodybuilder’s affair with his wife caused their separation.

In 2017, his ex-wife also posted an explanation of her situation on social media. Isabel acknowledged in her video that she has gone through a lot and that everything she discusses will be difficult.

She continued that the past year has been tough mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is challenging when someone has a business, celebrity, children, husband, and mental health issues.

Isabel described how Layne decided to end their marriage in 2016. To say she was devastated, surprised, or brokenhearted would be an understatement. After extensive counseling, the couple chose to get back together, but it did not last.

They are now completely estranged from one another, and their marriage is going through a divorce. It indicates that both have decided to split up amicably while keeping their kids’ best interests in mind. Layne later posted a video in 2018 confessing his infidelity and discussing his errors in life.

Divorce of Layne Norton: Did He Cheat on His Wife?

After his ex-wife, Isabel Norton, discovered him cheating, Layne Norton and Isabel Norton divorced in 2017. Because he operates his own YouTube channel and is a professional bodybuilder and nutritionist, many people learned about his divorce. Furthermore, his ex-wife revealed details of his affairs in a video she released on social media.

layne norton divorce
                                                       Layne Norton divorce

Norton first refused to acknowledge his cheating and affairs. A year later, he posted a video on his YouTube page admitting his errors. Isabel was devastated by Layne’s adulterous affair and developed postpartum depression. He and his ex-wife have two kids: a son and a girl.

Layne Norton Talks About Cheating and Mistakes

Learning From My Mistakes-My Affair in 2018 is a YouTube video by Layne Norton discussing his mistakes and adultery. At the beginning of the video, he stated that he had something very personal to discuss.

He struggled with the subject. Therefore he deliberated whether or not to make the video for a long time. He created the video, in part, as a result of the bodybuilding coaching. He entered bodybuilding coaching because he remembered his numerous errors when competing or teaching.

Norton also creates a lot of information to expose all his errors and prevent others from making the same mistakes. He debated whether to release the footage and pondered why others needed to be aware of his private life.

Unfortunately, it had already been broadcast by a large number of individuals. So that others can avoid making the same mistakes as him, he wishes to talk about the problem. Norton continued by revealing that he used to be judgmental.

Then, as most people know, he starts talking about an affair. Within a year of his ex-wife learning about it, he also divorced. The nutritionist claimed to have had an experience in the past, although there is no justification for doing so.

He was pretty unhappy and in a terrible spot in his marriage. However, it is neither a defense for lying nor physical or psychological abuse. There are no valid justifications or circumstances for cheating outside of marriage.

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Where is Layne Norton & Isabel Norton Now?

Isabel and Layne Norton could not part ways amicably, but they are now each leading their separate lives. For the second time in their lives, they have also discovered love. Layne wed Holly Baxter, who shares her husband’s interest in female bodybuilding.

layne norton divorce
                                                         Layne Norton divorce

It is clear from her social media posts that Isabel is married to another person as well. Although they didn’t end well, Layne and Isabel are still co-parenting their two children. Layne and his wife, Holly, had recently moved into the house of their dreams.

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