Edwards Man Accused of Murder and Family Member Assault

Edwards Man Accused of Murder and Family Member Assault

Late on Sunday night, at around 11 o’clock, Camden County Communications got a call reporting a disturbance, said the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

On the 911 call, the caller can say, “Alex, put the pistol down.” After hearing what sounded like a scuffle, the call abruptly ended. Deputies and medical professionals were sent to the intersection of State Road FF and Pine Cove Road in Edwards after communications officers pinpointed the location of the phone call.

Both law enforcement and medical officials quickly discovered the caller’s home after arriving in the neighborhood. There they saw a man, subsequently identified as Eric L. Cantrell, 56, lying on the floor of a camper with a headshot wound.

Edwards Man Accused of Murder and Family Member Assault
Edwards Man Accused of Murder and Family Member Assault

Cantrell was pronounced dead despite the efforts of the responding sheriff’s office and emergency medical services. Two people were shot inside the male and female camper and were taken by helicopter to local hospitals for treatment.

The police found that 20-year-old Alexander O. Cantrell-King, a relative of both fatalities, had reported hearing a gunshot inside the camper. When he entered, he saw Eric Cantrell unconscious on the floor and the female victim holding a 30-30 rifle. He then claimed that the female victim’s gun unintentionally discharged, and he wrestled it away from her.

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The female victim, who has yet to be publicly identified, positively identified Cantrell-King as the gunman during their hospital journey. The physical evidence contradicted Cantrell-account King’s and lent credence to her accusation. After her capture, Cantrell-King was taken to the Camden County Adult Correctional Center.

Class A Felony Murder in the First Degree, Class A Felony Domestic Assault in the First Degree, and two counts of unclassified Felony Armed Criminal Activity are the charges against Alexander O. Cantrell-King. The Associate Court of Camden County has ordered that he be kept without bond until late March.

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