Erie County Sheriff Office increasing diversity on its workforce

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office is Increasing the Diversity of Its Workforce

As Black History Month concludes, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office is attempting to diversify its workforce. To raise awareness of the demand for a more varied collection of law enforcement personnel to serve and protect communities throughout the county, sheriff John Garcia organised a diversity discussion on Friday night. He said that only one Black cop and no Hispanic officers were among the 160 employees in the sheriff’s office.

“A third of the population, we have one Black officer, zero Hispanics, no Black females, no Hispanic females. We have a long way to go,” Garcia said.

He noted that he intends to provide additional recruitment possibilities to boost the proportion of diverse personnel. The sheriff’s office claims that the recruitment exam in December didn’t yield many applicants.

Erie County Sheriff Office increasing diversity on its workforce
Erie County Sheriff Office increasing diversity on its workforce

You can do so here if you’d want to apply for a job with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. Garcia stated that following the submission of an application, there would be an interview, background check, and drug test.

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According to him, employees might earn $80,000 to $100,000 with overtime. Aaron Salter, a friend and employee, died in the Tops shopping centre shooting, and Garcia told 7 News he could not leave the discussion without acknowledging him.

“{Aaron} passed away at the Tops on 5/14, defending the community. What a gentleman. There are good cops. We have to get our youth to believe that because of this, a great profession, it could change your life. You could serve the community. You’re never going to be a millionaire but it’s about public service,” he said.

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