Gene Siskel Cause of Death

Gene Siskel Cause of Death: Why Did American Film Critic Die?

We regret to inform you that on February 20, 1999, Eugene Kal Siskel, better known by his stage as Gene Siskel, an American cinema critic and journalist for the Chicago Tribune, passed away. His followers are curious as to why he passed away. You will find all the relevant information in this post.

What is Gene Siskel’s Cause of Death?

Unfortunately, Gene Siskel did not survive his brain tumour. Siskel received a diagnosis of a malignant brain tumour on May 8, 1998. He underwent brain surgery three days later.

Gene Siskel Cause of Death
Gene Siskel Cause of Death

He performed the Siskel & Ebert program over the phone from his hospital bed for a few weeks following the surgery. Siskel eventually returned to the studio after his recuperation, but others observed that he appeared more composed and lethargic than usual.

He said on February 3, 1999, taking a leave of absence from the show that he planned to return by the fall, adding, “I’m in a hurry to get well because I don’t want Roger to get more screen time than I.”

He died suddenly on February 20, 1999. Two days later, his funeral took place in the North Suburban Synagogue Beth El. He lies in the Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge, Illinois. Check out Gene Siskel’s journey in the paragraphs below.

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An Examination of “Gene Siskel” The Film Critic’s Journey

Siskel was born in Chicago, the son of Nathan William Siskel and Ida. His parents left Russia as Jews and immigrated. Siskel lost both of his parents when he was a small boy and was raised by his aunt and uncle. At nine years old, he moved in with them.

Following his time at Culver Academies, he studied writing at Yale University under Pulitzer Prize–winning author John Hersey, where he graduated with a degree in philosophy in 1967. Hersey’s reference helped him get employment at the Chicago Tribune in 1969.

Co-hosting several television movie review shows with colleague Roger Ebert has been his most well-known role. Siskel started writing for the Chicago Tribune in 1969 and worked his way up to the post of film critic.

In 1975, he co-hosted the monthly show Opening Soon at a Theater Near You with Roger Ebert, which aired locally on PBS member station WTTW. Changed its name to Sneak Previews in 1978, the show went on to air weekly on PBS affiliates around the nation.

In 1982, Siskel and Ebert left Sneak Previews to launch the syndicated show At the Movies. A contract dispute with Tribune Entertainment in 1986 led to Siskel and Ebert contracting with Buena Vista Television, and they went on to develop Siskel & Ebert & the Movies.

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Thanks to their biting wit, intense professional rivalry, heated arguments, and unique “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down” movie rating system, Siskel and Ebert became well-known figures in American popular culture.

Siskel was a well-known professional colleague of Ebert’s who passed away on February 20, 1999, at the age of 53. For more updates, autopsy reports, obituaries, and information about other people’s deaths, you can follow our Twitter account.