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Josh Flagg and Bobby Divorce: What Went Wrong

Josh Flagg and Bobby Divorce What Went Wrong

Josh Flagg and Bobby Divorce What Went Wrong

Josh Flagg announced in an Instagram post from March 2022 that he and Bobby, his marriage of five years, were divorcing. He noted: “I am divorcing Bobby. Although it may sound abrupt, I felt I should conceal the headline rather than be upfront about it. This was not a hasty or rash choice. Before reaching this judgment, we carefully considered our options.”

Added, “The two of us were growing in various ways and desiring quite different things for ourselves, not out of a lack of love. Bobby is critical to me, and I can’t help but love and respect him. I want our differences to be a representation of that. We appreciate your constant support, everyone.”

Bobby then published a different message on his own Instagram, writing, “I wouldn’t trade the past six years of my life for anything. I met my best friend and fell in love with her six years ago. We became inseparable and took off quickly after our first date. I will always be grateful for the whirlwind romance Josh, and I shared. We have learned much about ourselves throughout our partnership and taught one other a great deal.”

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Even though their breakup may have appeared amicable, the MDLLA Season 14 trailer suggested that things may not be going well between the ex-couples. Also, as seen in the episode from December 22, Josh became furious when he heard that Tracey Tutor and Josh Altman, two of his coworkers, were talking favorably about meeting and spending time with Bobby, who had recently transferred to a new brokerage.

Josh fumed and stated, “You should become friends with the person if you want to be friends. But I don’t want to listen to you two reminisce about your wonderful experiences, so screw you both.” On a happier note, it appears that Josh’s eventual discovery of new love in the person of his boyfriend, Andrew Beyer, will be the subject of Season 14 of MDLLA.

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According to reports, the couple started dating soon after Josh and Bobby decided to part ways, but before word of their divorce got out. On Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, viewers can find out for themselves on Million Dollar Listing LA.


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