Kim Jong Un Dea†h Rumors

Kim Jong Un Dea†h Rumors: There Will Still Be Politicians in 2023!

Since Kim Jong-un was the target of a dea†h hoax on April 1 as part of an April Fool joke, some people believed he had passed away. The first of April has come to be recognized as the day when playing practical jokes and pranks has become customary. On this day, it can be difficult to believe anything you see on social media.

One was the announcement that Kim Jong-un had passed away after falling prey to a celebrity dea†h hoax like Tom Holland, Oprah Winfrey, and others.

Kim Jong Un Dea†h Rumors

TikTok users initially heard about Kim Jong-dea†h uns after finding a video that made the same claim. The user claimed in it that the North Korean politician had passed away from a heart attack. It also questioned whether his daughter would succeed him in politics.

Kim Jong Un Dea†h Rumors
Kim Jong Un Dea†h Rumors

The user does acknowledge that the entire content was an April Fool joke, but some individuals who didn’t watch the entire video fell for the scam.

The list that follows lists some of the most recent dea†hs of famous people and can be read if you are interested in reading about the passing of other notable people:

There Have Been Several April Fool’s Jokes

It’s generally agreed that April 1st is the perfect day to play hilarious practical jokes and pranks on people. Some corporations and celebrities attempted to replicate the TikTok users’ success.

For example, Rare Beauty debuted their well-known blush in a large size, Duolingo teased its phony reality show where competitors speak several languages and many more. Given this, it is unsurprising that other social media users also decided to pull practical jokes.

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