Marcel Marceau Family

Marcel Marceau Family: How Long Did He Live?

On March 22, the renowned Google Doodle honors Marcel Marceau, a well-known French mime artist, who would have turned 100 years old. With the name Marcel Mangel, he was born on this date in 1923 in Strasbourg, France. This is everything there is to know about mimes.

Marcel Marceau Family

Marceau married three times throughout his lifetime. Huguette Mallet, with whom he had two sons, Michel and Baptiste, was the subject of his first union. After divorcing Mallet in 1958, he later wed Ella Jaroszewicz in 1966; the two were childless.

He wed Anne Sicco, his third wife, in 1975 after a second divorce, and the two of them had two daughters, Camille and Aurelia. Afterwards, the couple got divorced.

Marcel Marceau Family
Marcel Marceau Family

Marcel & Me: A Tale of Love, Passion, and Illusion, a memoir written by Paulette Frankl about her decades-long love with Marceau, was published in 2014. Speaking to the Santa Fe Reporter about her first meeting with Marceau, Frankl said they met when she saw the mime performing in a nearby town. She said:

“could only afford the 26th row seat, which isn’t good for mime. Absolutely slammed with the impact of his depth and the poetry of his movement – he was doing everything on an empty stage. No words, no costumes, no nothing”.

After bumping into Marceau after the show, Frankl said (as reported by National World)

“Marcel looked at me and said, “Ah, you are an artist, aren’t you?” and I thought, “How in hell’s name does he know that?” He looked at me, I looked at him and something connected.”

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How Long Did He Live?

At the age of 84, Marceau passed away in a retirement community in Cahors, France, on September 22, 2007. When Emmanuel Vacca, his former assistant, broke the news, he did not immediately provide any other information on the mime’s passing.

However, some stories have suggested that the mime passed away from a heart attack. He was laid to rest in Paris’ Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

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