Matanzas High School student attacked

What Will Happen to the Matanzas High School Student Who Assaulted a Teacher’s Aide?

An adult trial will be held for the Matanzas High School student who was charged with assaulting a teacher’s assistant over a video game. The inquiry by the Flagler County School District is separate from the criminal case being handled by law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office.

The district’s spokesperson, Jason Wheeler, said that investigations by the school board are typically completed within a couple of weeks. Paraprofessionals can work with individual pupils or entire classes. According to Jason Wheeler, a spokesman for the Flagler County School System, the 17-year-old kid had a paraprofessional assigned to him as part of his customized education plan.

The school system, however, refused to say whether or not the victim’s designated adult was the woman who was assaulted. When a child is identified as needing the state’s exceptional student education services for students with disabilities, the state’s education department will work with the family to create an individualized education plan (IEP).

Matanzas High School student attacked
Matanzas High School student attacked

Wheeler said he did not know if paraprofessional Joan Naydich was assigned to this student or to a specific classroom. Official documents indicate that Brendan J. Depa has been charged with aggravated violence on a school board official, a first-degree felony carrying a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. Due to Depa’s adult status, the News-Journal is naming him.

How are ESE Students Disciplined?

No matter where in the district they may be assigned, students are expected to abide by the district’s Code of Student Conduct. After the district’s investigation of a student is complete, a recommendation on whether or not to expel the kid will be made. On the other hand, if the student in question has an ESE, the investigation must be reevaluated to see  “if the action or conduct was a manifestation of the student’s disability,” as stated by Disability Rights Florida.

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Student records will be reviewed by the district, parent/guardian, and IEP team members to determine.

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“if the conduct in question was caused by, or had a direct and substantial relationship to, the student’s disability or if the conduct in question is a direct result of the [local educational agency’s] failure to implement the IEP,” as stated on the Disability Rights Florida website.

A District Multidisciplinary Team may be convened for additional investigation if the student is displaying aggressive or disruptive behavior. According to the district’s Code of Student Conduct, the team “shall decide supports, interventions, and placements for the student,” which may include an extended suspension, an alternate placement, an alternative plan for education, or a recommendation of expulsion.

According to Wheeler, if dismissal is suggested, the question of whether or not to continue providing services must be considered. The School Board will make the final call on whether or not to expel a student without providing any services if that is the recommendation. John Fanelli, the district’s coordinator of student support and behavior, will assess the student’s situation every 45 days if it is suggested that he be expelled with assistance.