Farmer held Eddy County murder suspect until police came

Farmer Held Murder Suspect at Gunpoint Until Police Came in Eddy County

The search for Nicholas Poitra, 45, accused of killing another man inside a small-town bar in northern North Dakota, ended on Wednesday, February 22.

According to a law enforcement source who spoke to WDAY, Poitra was apprehended around noon on Wednesday close to a farm in Wells County that he is accused of breaking into after shooting Troyal Thumb to death.

According to information obtained by WDAY, a farmer in nearby Eddy County saw Poitra strolling close to his field and held him at gunpoint until authorities came. Other than to express his relief that it was over, the farmer chose not to remark. Poitra was sought after for several reasons, including seven counts of terrorizing, murder, and robbery.

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According to court filings, Poitra is accused of fatally shooting 30-year-old Thumb inside Rindy’s Sheyenne Bar on Sunday night in Sheyenne, a city about 30 miles south of Devils Lake on U.S. Route 281. According to court documents, Poitra fired one shot from a short-barreled shotgun at Thumb.

Farmer held Eddy County murder suspect until police came
Farmer held Eddy County murder suspect until the police came

According to the authorities, Poitra and Thumb entered the bar separately. Thumb allegedly attempted to assist Poitra in repairing a boxing machine at the bar, but neither had finished their drinks before engaging in a verbal altercation, according to police.

“Kind of the mystery, we don’t really know what took place,” said Eddy County Sheriff Paul Lies. “We know Mr. Thumb approached the machine, tried to get it to work. We know the suspect was also talked to about the machine, and a short time later, the conversation turned deadly.”

“Over a boxing machine inside the bar, they couldn’t seem to get it to work,” Lies said.

According to police, Poitra demanded smartphones and car keys from seven other bar patrons, including a youngster, while holding them at gunpoint. Authorities claimed Poitra seized the security tape as she left the bar and fled in a stolen car.

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According to the sheriff, Poitra crashed the stolen car close to a property in Wells County. Poitra was held at the Lake Area Correctional Institution in Devils Lake on Wednesday night. His attorney was not listed in the court documents.

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