JV Lyme disease

Jeffrey “JV”, Host of Wild 94.9 Radio Struggles With Lyme Disease

The popular radio show Wild 94.9 hosts Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift. The San Francisco Police Department stated that he is now missing and “at risk.” Vandergrift is a white male who is 54 years old and stands about 6 feet tall. He was last spotted wearing black sweatpants and had brown eyes.

He weighs 180 pounds and has numerous tattoos on his upper right ear and both arms. On February 23, 2023, at about ten o’clock, JV was last seen near his residence in the 200 block of King Street, San Francisco.

On August 21, 2023, Jeffrey “JV” posted a tweet on their official Twitter page with the following message-

“It’s #NationalRadioDay”
“I know, who gives a fart!!? Been at 94 since 94. Wow, that’s a long time‼️ Super grateful for each of you who have been on this journey w me. 🙏”

The SFPD is requesting the public’s assistance and has established a phone number (415) 575-4444 for anyone with information or eyes on him.

JV’s Recent Battle With Lyme Disease Puts Him “at Risk”

In 2021, Jeffrey Vandergrift abruptly ended his employment as a radio host, leading to extensive rumors regarding his location. The medical professionals claimed they could not determine what was wrong with him now.

JV returned to the airwaves in April 2022 and disclosed that he had been identified as having a severe case of Lyme disease. His followers showered him with sympathy and best wishes as a result.

JV Lyme disease
JV Lyme disease

Brain fog, convulsions, and other symptoms brought on by Lyme disease impair the victim’s physical and mental well-being. Victims of the condition find it challenging to go about their daily lives. Vandergrift claimed to deal with s*lf-h*rm concepts and committed to returning on the air immediately.

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JV attempted his own life a few months back. Natasha Yi, his model wife, discovered him in the garage; he was unconscious in the car. Once they realized that Lyme disease was the primary cause of his suicidal tendencies, they phoned an ambulance and sought treatment jointly.

Jeffrey JV Vandergrift wrote in a Wild 94.9 article:

“I am, however, a person who has suffered every day from the brutal effects of what Lyme and other pathogens have done to my brain since they were activated by the vaccine. Like most “Lyme” patients, I look and sound fine on the outside. “

“I go to work every day in hopes that the treatment I have sought out on my own will eventually make this nightmare come to an end. I pray and hope it does for others. I would be selfish not to share my honest story, so that others have a better chance—today and in the future.”

The radio host co-hosted the Doghouse program on the Wild 94.9 station in the 1900s and 2000s. With Dan “Elvis” Lay and Lance “Hollywood” Otani, he served as co-host of the program. The trio, who hosted the Doghouse show, engaged in pranks, prank calls, and nonstop hilarity.

Wild 94.4 posted a tweet on their official Twitter page on February 25, 2023, with the following message-

“We are sending love, thoughts, and prayers to JV and will share more information as we receive it 🙏”

He co-hosted the program with Dan “Elvis” Lay and Lance “Hollywood” Otani. JV is still missing. Thus, there haven’t been any updates on his whereabouts. Police are trying everything they can to find the well-known host because his followers are anxious about him.

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