Matt Hanenkrath Obituary

Matt Hanenkrath Obituary: Defiance County 911 Director Deἀth Cause Revealed

On Tuesday, June 27, a fire chief in the county of Defiance pershed in the course of duty while putting out a fire. On June 27, South Richland Fire Department Fire Chief Matt Hanenkrath and other firemen were responding to a structure fire where a probable inhabitant appeared inside.

The 41-year-old Chief Hanenkrath pssed out while battling the blaze and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he eventually pssed away. His three children and wife Ashley will continue to live. Matt has a deep and varied professional background due to the vast range of positions he has had and the environments in which he has worked.

Matt Hanenkrath Obituary
Matt Hanenkrath Obituary

He has served as a Fire Officer for Highland Township, Director of 911, Fire Chief for Richland Township, and Member of the Ayersville School Board, to name just a few of these duties he has previously held. As part of the funeral procession, numerous fire companies across Ohio and adjacent states paid their condolences to Matt’s family.

The South Richland Fire Department lowered all its flags to half-staff and hung a huge American flag over their fire station. On their Facebook page, the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office also paid respect to Matt and stated:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and colleague Matt Hanenkrath. Matt was not only the South Richland Fire Chief but also our Defiance County 911 Director. Matt had several responsibilities in multiple areas of public service across Defiance County. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.”

These are but a few of the roles he has held. These are just a few responsibilities he has previously held and been accountable for. The positions listed above are just a small sample of the many positions he has had during his career.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you due to learning that Assistant Chief Matt Hanenkrath has departed our organization. Matt Hanenkrath left a legacy of courage, kindness, and achievement. He committed his entire life to helping others and improving his neighborhood.

His dedication to his work, honesty, and kindness served as an example to many. He made his friends and family proud of him and loved them with all of his heart. We will never forget Matt Hanenkrath as a hero, a leader, and a friend. He will constantly remain on our minds and in our prayers. Chief, rest in peace.

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