Report ChatGPT Has Fastest-Growing User Base Ever

Report: ChatGPT Has Fastest-Growing User Base Ever

According to a research note from UBS Investment Bank, the AI bot ChatGPT became the “fastest-growing consumer application in history” last month, according to a Reuters article. It had only been available for two months. According to UBS researcher Lloyd Walmsley, it took TikTok nine months to gain 100 million monthly users and Instagram around 2.5 years.

Walmsley wrote in the UBS note, “In 20 years of watching the Online area, we cannot recall a faster climb in a consumer internet app,” according to Reuters. According to Reuters, the UBS data originates from analytics company Similar Web, which claims that in January, ChatGPT had almost 13 million unique visits daily, more than double the number of users in December.

ChatGPT is an extensive language conversational model (LLM) that can converse on almost any subject at a nearly human level. It can easily read the context and respond to queries, though occasionally not with precision (improving its accuracy is a work in progress).

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The GPT-3-powered AI bot, which went live as a free public beta on November 30, has caused astonishment, surprise, and dread in education, computer security, and finance. The tech sector has been rattled, leading Microsoft to invest $10 billion and making Google see its future flash before its eyes.

Also, on Wednesday, OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT Plus. This $20 monthly membership service will grant customers priority access to new features, faster response times, and preferential access to ChatGPT during peak hours. It’s an effort to meet the high demand for ChatGPT, which has frequently led to the service denying members owing to a lack of space.

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Researchers have observed that technology adoption rates are accelerating in recent years, with innovations like the telephone, television, and the Internet taking less time to reach vast user populations. Will the list’s next item include generative AI tools? It is entirely feasible, given the trend that ChatGPT has displayed.


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