Emmet County board start preparing for 2023 fair

The Emmet County Board has Begun Making Plans For the Next 2023 Fair

At their March 6 meeting, the Emmet-Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners accepted five contracts for fair entertainment in 2023.

“As we get closer to summertime, there will be more contracts that come,” said county administrator David Boyer. “These contracts go through the fair board and discussion of the fair board. Once we put the contracts in place, then we bring them back to you for approval.”

Boyer stated thatthat these are all revenue producing and will offset with revenues either collected through the revenue or direct sales (with) tickets.”

The fair’s Monster Truck Show is the first event for which the board has accepted a deal with Monster Truck Throwdown, LLC. For the past eleven years, this event has been a must-see at the county fair.

“If you like monster trucks, it fills the stands up and it’s a great family event,”Boyer said. “A little bit loud, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Emmet County board start preparing for 2023 fair
Emmet County board start preparing for 2023 fair

A contract with promoter The Howard Pitch Entertainment Company was also authorized by the board.

“We’ve been using them for the last six years,” Boyer said. “They help secure our concerts and do all the work to make sure that we have everything in place.”

The much-loved Firefighter Show is coming back for another season. There has been a show at the fair for nearly ten years, and its owner and operator is Neal Snyder.

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“They come out and do education,” Boyer said. “It’s another one of those events that gets great draw. Families come out and watch the show and learn something on fire prevention.

Dylan Scott and Nate Smith, two country music artists, both had their contracts authorized by the board. The fair performance on August 23 will include Scott as the main act, with Smith as the opening act.

“When we put these together, the fair board looks at the cost of all the entertainment and puts a budget together — so stage, lighting, sound, everything that goes in there — that’s how we set the ticket prices to cover the cost and, ideally, have a little extra funding that helps pay for other activities in the fair,” Boyer said.

The commissioners of Emmet County will get together again on March 16 at 6 o’clock.

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