Two Men Missing at Dugald River Mine Disaster

Two Men Missing at Dugald River Mine Disaster in Australia

Two men missing for more than 24 hours following a Queensland mine collapse are the subject of an active search. According to local media, the ground gave way on Wednesday as the guys drove 125 meters (410 feet) below at the Dugald River mine outside Cloncurry.

A third individual theyworkedg with managed to escape and sound the alarm as they dropped 25 meters into a chasm. A drone was used to find their vehicle, but rescuers have not spotted the missing individuals.

Two Men Missing at Dugald River Mine Disaster
                                     Two Men Missing at Dugald River Mine Disaster

When reached by radio, the pair has not returned the call. The men, Dylan Langridge and Trevor Davi have been identified in local media sources as “fly-in, fly-out workers,” a typical practice in some parts of Australia when personnelise are transported briefly to distant work locations.

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According to mine owner MMG, all activities at the zinc mine have been put on hold as the search gets more intense. On Thursday morning, MMG General Manager Tim Akroyd announced that a mission to recover the vehicle from below had started after rescuers spent the entire night utilizing heavy equipment toaccesso it.

“We expect this process will take some time,” he said, adding, “our thoughts remain very strongly with the families of our missing colleagues.”

As the situation “evolved,” rescue crews concentrated on finding a solution “as fast and safely as possible,” according to Mark Norwell, CEO of Perenti, the company the contractors worked for.

“Everyone at Perenti is feeling the impact of this incident and while we hold deep concerns for the safety of our colleagues, we continue to be hopeful that a positive outcome can be achieved.”

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